Welcome to the page for "Orcish Ways" an anthology of adventure. Included in this are ten original stories by me, Tom Doolan. Many were previously published individually through Amazon, and now they have all been gathered together in a single volume. In addition, I have added several new stories that were originally slated for Amazon publication, but will now be available exclusively here. And finally, each story is preceded by a short introduction discussing the origins and background of the writing of the story.

The price is $5.00 for PDF or Kindle (mobi) format, your choice. That's just 50 cents per story!

All you have to do is click here (or the button to the right) and you will be taken to PayPal. When you make your payment, be sure to include in the message which format you prefer, and if you want it sent to a different email than the one linked to your PayPal account (such as your Kindle address). Thank you for your support. And, if you are so inclined, please leave a review at GoodReads.

UPDATE: PoD version available through Lulu. Price is $8.99. That's less than $.90 per story!

Here is the list of stories, so you can get an idea of what you can expect.

“Blood from Sand”
A desert warrior and an escaped slave who is more than she appears battle the dark arts of a mad sorcerer who wants what she has stolen.

In orc society, it is the females who choose their mates. Pekra sets her eye on one, but another has already marked him for her own.

“The Orc Way”
A group of orcs have been tasked with kidnapping a dwarf to learn the secrets of forging steel. The one they find turns out to be more than they had anticipated.

“On Pain of Delivery” (New)
A pregnant Pekra is left behind when her mate must make a journey for the clan. Her only companion is an outcast dwarf. When cabin fever sets in, all hell breaks loose.

An assassin takes a job, but to survive killing her target, she must battle the most dangerous foe she can imagine.

“The Darkest Seed” (New)
A strange fog arises, enveloping a Viking ship. What the fog brings with it is beyond even the most feared imaginings of these fierce warriors.

“The Gauntlet of Glowar” (New)
A mercenary is left for dead on a battlefield, but somehow lives. Yet, in order to survive, he must make a pact with an ancient artifact.

“The Keep of Glowar” (New)
Lead to an ancient, abandoned ruin by an annoying spirit, a warrior must confront the new tenants and their horrific leader.

“The Naked Dead” (New)
What started out as a routine cargo run turns into a horrific fight for life, as an intrepid space explorer must use his considerable skill and wit to escape certain doom.

“Blackskull’s Captive”
A young boy is captured by orc space pirates, and unwittingly leads them to their next victims. So, he decides that next time it will not be so easy for the brutes.


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I just ordered a copy. I did send a note but just in case that didn't go through, I will need it in kindle format. Looking forward to reading. I've read some of these certainly.

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Don't know why blogger no longer has my name in it. This is Charles Gramlich, not unknown.