Friday, March 13, 2009


So, I figured I would post about some things that have been on my mind. First, an update on my book. It's dead, Jim. Well, not really. But it is on the back burner. My creative focus (as diminished as it is by school, work, and an infant son) has been focused on the Western genre. I've read a couple of books, and listened to some Louis L'Amour stories on CD. I've started a story of my own, but have been re-thinking it entirely. I like the character I have created, and I like the opening scene. I just don't like the setting. It's too cliche. Which made me start thinking about where I could set it. And I thought, why not Wisconsin? So, doing a little research, I found that the state has a good history for stories. The logging boom in the early 1800's, the settlements by Germans and Scandinavians, I can see some good potential. My story was originally set in New Mexico, with the character from Texas. So, I figured it would be kind of cool to have the same Texan head North instead of West, and end up in a logging community. We'll see how it goes.

Not surprisingly, I also have another creative iron in the fire. Among my recent audiobook endeavors was a Mack Bolan book, Zero Option, by Mike Linaker (who is also a prolific writer of Westerns). This one got me thinking about action/adventure books again, and I have been contemplating dusting off some of my story ideas for Executioner novels.

Our D&D 4E game got off to a bumpy start, but then we had a really fun session. And just as suddenly as it started, we had to pause for a month, as one of our players (we have only 3) had to bow out for the month of March for work-related reasons. I think it will be fine. Though I wonder if I am going to be as enthused about the character now that I will probably have a copy of the Player's Handbook 2 by the time we start again. Then again, my wife got paints for minis for her birthday, so that may keep me enthused. After all, nothing brings a character to life than a well-painted, well-sculpted mini.

One down-side to working for a game distributor, I am easily swayed by a lot of the products we sell. Especially the RPGs and miniatures games. I have been looking longingly at the products from Rattrap Productions, with their pulp-inspired goodness, and nifty figures. I want to play some of them badly. But, I just don't know who I would play them with. My wife and I like to play games, but solo adventures and the like are difficult at best. And making time for them is a logistical nightmare sometimes. We're lucky to keep up with the D&D game every other Sunday.

So, in the end I read a little, write a little, game a little, and try to get my geek on when I can.

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