Sunday, June 14, 2009

You guessed it...

My attention has wavered again. Now I'm back to fantasy and Sword & Sorcery. I picked up a few David Gemmell books from a friend, and I have started reading Memnon again (the last time I tried I was totally distracted and had to put it down).

So, what am I doing about this ADD problem? Well, I started another short story featuring my "Howardian" character, Ryvor, and his spirit-haunted gauntlet. The spirit in the gauntlet is leading our hero to the ruins of an ancient castle that the spirit claims it was once the ruler of. But who rules there now? And will they be friend or foe? Only I know for sure, and someday, assuming I can finish the thing, you could too. I'm adding a link to my Fiction Press page to the right. Right now the first story is up there, along with a fragment of a defunct Mack Bolan novel I was planning to write, but was never accepted.

In other news, after the two history classes I am taking now (Contemporary Europe and Contemporary Middle East), I will have two classes to take and I will have a degree in History! Now, does that mean I will be a historian, with a vast knowledge of ancient cultures? Not even. I have forgotten more about historical events since starting this degree in 1996 than I have learned in the last five years. So, what I will have will be a useless degree. A $50,000 piece of paper that will take much more work before it starts paying itself back. But I do remember enough to know what eras interest me. Ancient Greece, Rome, the Celts, and Egypt all interest me. So, these will be my focus as I try to re-educate myself on History. Who knows, maybe there will be an historical novel in my future!

I've also picked up comic books, albeit on a limited basis. Right now it's just two titles, Marvel's Punisher and The Incredible Hercules. Occasionally, if something else catches my eye (and I can afford it) I'll grab an issue or two of something else as well.

Other than that, life goes on. Working, writing, playing, watching movies and raising good kids. Speaking of which, my daughter will be here next weekend! SQUEE!!!

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