Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Inner musings

So, lately most of my keyboard time has been focused on homework…or playing CoH just to relax a bit. Thus, my writing has fallen by the wayside. Of course, so has my leisurely reading, and the two often go hand-in-hand. I find I wrote the most when I am specifically inspired. That’s why I have so many genres I like to (try to) write. Because I have so many genres that I like to read. Modern action, swords & sorcery, high fantasy, sci fi, westerns, historical…the list is long and distinguished (and I am avoiding the Top Gun reference now).

Anyways, now that the semester is over, and I have a few weeks before the next (and my last) one starts, I am turning once again towards cranking out a story or two. I have a S&S short story about 1/3 of the way done, a Planetary Romance story also about 1/3 done, as well as about 20 different projects of varying genres and stages of progress. There’s also the hankering to create a new world to set my Pathfinder RPG game in.

Speaking of Pathfinder, the wife and I made characters one evening this weekend, after a long day at GenCon. In so doing I discovered a few new tidbits about what they changed. I won’t bother to delve into them here, since the game is out and anyone interested in having it probably already does. But I will say that the more I read, the more I like it. We even got the lead designer and the cover artist to sign it. Though in hindsight, I should have gotten more people to sign it. Oh, well. Too late now.

On the City of Heroes front, this weekend also sparked new interest in the game for my wife and I. For those who don’t know, my wife runs a highly successful, lore-driven super group. In fact, she used to co-run it with her ex, and she had it put in their divorce decree that the SG was hers. I love my geeky wife! Anyways, after seeing how Champions Online looks and plays, it’s nice, but I’ll probably stick with CoH. It works well for what it does, and it seems like every new issue that comes out has some new thingy that I like. We’re also looking at doing costumes next year for GenCon. I would go as my main, but he’s huge, and I’m not. So, I’ll probably go as my second. He’s more my size. Eh, we’ll see. If this year is any indication, I may be spending more time in meetings than just enjoying the Con (yes, I work in the industry).

I also like to draw. And lately I have taken to doing quick scribble-sketches on note cards and whatever blank paper I can find. Now, if I could only get my scanner to work. Or get a new one. Then I could share my scribbles with anyone who is interested.

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