Friday, September 25, 2009

Riding the waves of Inspiration

Ok, so anyone who knows me, or even just reads this blog, knows that I am very impressionable when it comes to my creative juices. I tend want to create/draw/write whatever interests me at the moment. Unfortunately, with such a wide variety of interests jockeying for position in my head, this makes being a successful writer very difficult. And when I say "successful", I mean in the sense that I have successfully completed a writing project. So far, there are very few of those in my repertoire.

Much of my inspiration comes from reading what others have written, and thinking "I could write that." Occasionally it's more like "I could write that better." Lately I have been working on something in a genre I like to call "middle fantasy." It's not exactly "high fantasy" like Lord of the Rings. But it's got more traditional fantasy tropes than sword & sorcery. It's basically game-related fiction, like what WotC puts out based on the various D&D worlds, but without being tied to a specific game world. I love this kind of fiction myself, when it's done right, and when it has characters I can relate to. So, why not write some myself?

The problem is, my "bathroom reader" right now is a modern paramilitary, action-adventure novel. And now that has been influencing me more lately. So, I am looking at trying to write a bit of that again. I have a few of those started. And that's the only saving grace here. I have so many starts that when the muse strikes me for a specific type of writing I can always brush an old project on it and resume where I left off with it. Eventually I think all of these will approach completion at the same time, and I'll have a plethora of completed projects to peddle.

Yeah, that's probably wishful thinking. But who knows, right?

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