Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gaming Jones

Quick note, I have moved my "Fit Gamer" series to the Wizards of the Coast Community (see the link over to the right). I'm also considering re-posting it as a whole new blog. I have one set up, but haven't actually done it yet.

Anyways, for the past week or so I have been feeling a serious jones to play some new/different RPG. I've been contemplating hitting up the other game store here in town for something. My only problem is players. And, well, time to play. With a full time job as an at-home dad, taking two online college courses (one of which will finally net me my long-awaited BA in History), and various and sundry other concerns, I'm not sure when or how I would fit another game in. I mean, we play D&D every other weekend, and it's fun. But for some reason, I'm thinking a sci-fi/space opera game would be very cool.

I dunno, maybe I'll just pick something up used. I saw a copy of Fading Suns in the used book store yesterday. That always looked kinda cool.

In other news, the diabetes is coming along fine. My blood sugar levels are consistently down to "almost normal" levels. Normal is 90-130 before eating. My morning level ranges from about 125-160. So, while not perfect, I'm doing better. And more importantly, I feel a lot better. No more fatigue. I have energy to do things, and have been motivated to actually hit the gym on a regular basis.

I'm revving up to do more writing. I've suspended both my MMO accounts in order to free myself from the resistance they provide. Now I need to find a time to schedule writing, and make a habit of following that schedule and writing something every day. I've also been motivated to draw more lately. We'll see where that goes.

And that's about it for me, folks!

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Charles Gramlich said...

That consistency in writing is really important, I think. Good luck.