Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crisis of Writer’s Faith

Today I am having a bit of a crisis of faith of sorts. I am starting to doubt my efforts in writing an Orc-themed RPG. It’s not a huge deal, as I am only writing it for fun, and I expect to make exactly $0 off of it. But, Orcs are kind of en vogue right now, especially in the RPG world. There are already several Orc-related RPGs and supplements out there. So, what would my paltry little amateurish effort have to add to all of that? I’m not really sure. I have a few supporters of the effort, who insist that I can do something unique with it. But, I’m not so sure about that. Right now it’s a pretty basic, high action, low/no magic RPG. It has the standard tropes, a possibly over-simple system, and really only presents orcs in a way that is familiar to many already. Thus, as an RPG, it’s nothing innovative. And honestly, when compared to professional works, it’s pretty amateur…and almost lazy.

I guess for me, it’s just an exercise in creativity. One thing it is doing is making me think of world-building and creating a setting that I cold use for fiction. Yesterday I spent a lot of time coming up with ideas about religion. Even though, mechanically, religion has no function in the game (Remember? Low-magic…). And I have managed to brainstorm a lot of ideas about orc society. Why they are the way they are, and how their society and culture breeds the violent brutes we all love.

So, I guess it’s not so much of a crisis of a writer’s faith, but more of a crisis of game designer’s faith. Which, in the end, I’m cool with. If the only thing that comes out of this whole effort is a cheap, beer & pretzels RPG, and a lot of material for fiction, I guess I can call it a success.

Ok, crisis averted. Thanks for listening!

By the way, who wants a copy of the first Beta Release?