Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I often try to fill writing voids (periods when I can't concentrate on one of my "more important" projects) by starting something on the side. These are generally silly little projects, maybe fleshing out an idea that has been niggling in my mind, or an exercise in characterization and voice.

My most recent endeavor in this area is a serial of pulp-inspired, tongue-in-cheek shorts and vignettes about a character who started out as a super hero in City of Heroes, but has taken on several lives of his own. The current version is sort of a cross between Doc Savage and Malcolm Reynolds, set in the future.

So, the question is, would anyone I know read this? The plan is to start a new blog, wherein the stories will be related via the character’s personal Captain’s log. Below is the first entry that I wrote yesterday. I’m rather enjoying this character, personally…

Standard Day 337, Year 2136 (Earth Reckoning)
Star Freighter Solitude
Captain Thomas Magni’s Personal Log

I begin this log in the 42nd year of my life, at the behest of my companion Sing Liu Jones, who insists that my life is extraordinary enough to warrant recording for posterity. It occurs to me that logic dictates I start at the beginning, and move forward in a chronological manner. However, so much has happened in my life, that I am inclined to relate the tales as the mood strikes. Even so, I shall begin with my origins, in an effort to form a foundation of knowledge for my readers.

It should also be noted that I shall endeavor to create of my memoirs a certain amount of entertainment value. To such an end, several descriptions may be highly detailed, and possibly embellished. As a student of classic literature, I am well aware that such embellishments are often necessary in making what would normally be a mundane record of events more palatable to consume, as it were, and therefore compel the reader to continue on.

Additionally, if anyone would like to illustrate said stories, I'd be open to entertaining ideas. Otherwise, I may do a few drawings myself, just for kicks.


bowiefan said...

I hope you know I would read it.

Chris Blanchard said...

I'm in!

Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds like an interesting and fun exercise to me.