Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stay on target...ooooo, shiney!

As I often do, I plugged my flash drive in this morning, and opened up Word.  If I'm not already inspired, I will usually browse the titles I have in my various projects folders until something catches my interest (which goes a long way towards explaining why I am the King of Unfinished Writing Projects).  The last couple of days my brain has been slowly shifting gears from fantasy to more reality-based interests.  I'm currently reading The Gods of Mars by Burroughs on my iPhone, but I have been eyeing some Mack Bolan books I found used a while back.  Something about modern-day action is pulling me in.

So, with that in mind, I opened a file I haven't looked at in a few months.  Last November I attempted once more to do NaNoWriMo.  I managed to get about 5,000+ words into it before life just overwhelmed me (school, a court battle, adjusting to a new job, etc...).  So, I put it away.  But now I am dusting it off and giving it another go.

The premise I have is based on a City of Heroes MMO character I had been playing.  Basically it can be described as "What if the Punisher didn't use guns?"  With that as a springboard, I created a character, a suitably tragic event, and planned his journey into darkness, as this former IT professional transforms into a adrenaline junkie, hell-bent on testing his new found martial prowess against the darker side of humanity, with the ultimate goal of finding justice at the ends of his fists.  The book will have a lot of martial arts action, dark exposition, and probably some disturbing imagery.  I envision it being something akin to Fight Club but with less blatant psychosis and more technical detail.

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