Monday, July 4, 2011

Lazy days of Summer

I am lazy.  There, I said it.  I got it out in the open.

What?  You're not surprised?  Yeah, I suppose that comes as no shock to those who know me.  But lately I have been feeling even more so than usual.  I have written barely a paragraph or so in the last week.  Mainly because it seems that these days I can only really write while sitting at my computer at work.  And up until now that has worked, since my job is in a relatively new department of the state government, and I am still in the process of defining my exact function beyond a few necessary tasks.  However, things have been heating up, and I actually have work to do.  So, less time to just sit and compose.  Add to that the fact that sleep seems to be a commodity I am short on these days.  Not sure what is causing that.  You know, aside from staying up too late and getting up early.

Anyways, I have been writing a lot in my head.  I have completely revamped the entire opening of the Gorus book in my head.  So, all that I have written for it now will be going to the "Cut Bits" file I started, and I will be starting all over.  I think the tone and pace of this new idea is much better for the story and genre.  Basically, I'm starting with a barroom brawl.  Classic stuff.

I've also been developing some ideas for the Mahak story.  I think I may have enough for a book.  I'm also considering, if I can get a good short story done about him, submitting it to Scott Oden for his Orc anthology instead of the Orc Space Pirates one I did.  In reading a lot of the commentary on the Facebook page, it seems that most people are going for more dark tones, with the majority of the stories having an Orc as the protagonist.  In mine, the Orcs are the villains, and not a whole lot is explored about them.  With Mahak, I can explore Orc culture, as it exists in the community world that Scott is creating.  I dunno.  We'll have to see how it goes.

So, anyways, it's Independence Day.  Standard BBQ with friends.  Copious beer and brats and good conversation.  Remembering that our founding fathers, though not perfect, and quite reprehensible by modern standards, gave us something that will endure.  Something worth fighting for, and even dying for.  Freedom.

Enjoy your day, folks.  We'll talk later.

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Charles Gramlich said...

As soon as Ember Star is done I'm gonna take a week off and just be lazy. Need it in the summer.