Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back at it again...sorta.

In light of Conan's latest release in theaters, I find myself compelled to go back to the REH Forums over at, where I post as Reaver.  I had left that forum about a year ago, mainly due to the rampant negativity, and some of the more vocal "Purists" who would get downright confrontational and insulting if you didn't see things their way.  Not surprisingly, most of them are still there, and still doing their thing.  But, in the interim months, things have changed for me.

I've made some friends outside of those forums that I have come to realize that I already knew from there.  Small world, REH-fandom is.  I've also matured and mellowed a bit, and no longer rise to others' bait on some issues.  When the hell did I grow up?

Regardless, it's a good community of people, all fans of Robert E. Howard and his works (those who only know Conan from other mediums are quickly converted or killed...yeah, it's like Riddick in there).  It's a good place to discuss all things REH, as well as those things only peripherally related.  And I'm now testing it to see if it's a good place to bounce writing ideas off of.

Some of you may remember my idea for a "sequel" of sorts to L. Sprague DeCamp's Conan pastiches.  Particularly his creation and treatment of Conan's eldest son, Conn.  Well, after giving it some thought, based on some comments here, I have decided to do some more work on that project.  However, I am changing the names and making it an original work.  If/when it is completed, it won't be a Conan pastiche (based on another Conan pastiche).  Yet, there may be enough in there for fans of Conan to recognize the nods and homages.  I have 10 chapters outlined.  I see this being a relatively short book.  Nothing over 200 pages, for sure.  I plan to split it into two parts, with the first part being outlined already.  There is a possibility that it could go to three parts, but I still don't foresee it being much longer than 200 pages.

Why am I doing this?  Because I can.  And I like the premise of the son of a barbarian usurper taking over the throne from his father.  It will allow me to explore the possibilities of nature vs. nurture.  The Prince was born and raised in opulence, but how much of his wild father's nature did he inherit?  Of course, there will be plenty of action, sorcery, adventure, danger, excitement, and maybe even a little romance.  You know, everything that makes a book fun to read (for me anyways).

So, here I go!


Paul R. McNamee said...

The REH Forums are full of passionate people. Some too passionate on occasion. We mods do our best to keep everyone playing nice and being helpful.

Yes, I would say we convert, but we don't beat you for coming from other mediums. Despite it all, Conan the Barbarian (1982) is still the top way people found their way to Conan and then down the other various paths to the source. (there's a poll buried somewhere over there - actually, the movie just edges out the comics)

RE: Conn
Always a good idea to do your own thing. Sometimes you can break in with pastiche, sometimes it's the other way around - a pastiche line will ask you once they've seen what you can do for yourself.

I have a quirky idea myself. It's not bad - it just doesn't seem like something I'd write. All the more reason to do it, I say. Once I get a few other things completed first.

Tom Doolan said...

I duuno. I saw a lot people lead in with their defense of Arnie, and they would get attacked like a wounded lamb in a wolf-pack. It was brutal. But, I think the wolves have mellowed a bit these days. :)

Re Conn: The reason I was originally going to do this as a pastiche was just to do it, with no thought to actually getting it published. But, now that I have started, I think if it gets completed, I could at least self-publish on Kindle.

As to your own quirky idea: DOOO EEETT!!! :)

Charles Gramlich said...

I thought Conn had some interesting potentials. Never did give it a lot of thought though. Been a longggg time since I read that book

David J. West said...

I used to be at the REH forum constantly-but then teh more I blogged and other social networking the less I visited the forum.

I still drop in on rare occasions but hardly bother to comment anymore.