Friday, November 18, 2011

A wee bit...

Oddly, I feel very Irish today. For those who don’t know, I’m probably about a third Irish (along with some other European descents, topped off with a healthy dose of Native American), and I really identify with this part of me some days. Today is one of those days.

Perhaps it’s my gray tweed flat cap and wool scarf that come out when the temperatures drop. I would like to be wearing my Pea Coat as well, but right now it’s more of a “pee” coat, thanks to those furry, four-legged freeloaders who think they run the place. Combine these with my growing beard, and I feel like I could walk the Irish countryside down to the Pub and share a pint with me mates!

Well, today I settled for walking down to the Capital Square to Brocach Irish Pub for some Bangers and Mash. Although I was tempted to have a beer, I opted for iced tea, since I would have to slog it back to work afterwards. The food is pricier than my normal lunch fare, but so worth it. I am stuffed to me gills, lads!

I sat in the pleasant atmosphere of the pub reading about the Persian Wars of Sparta and Athens. That’s the other thing about this ensemble, it makes me feel scholarly. And considering I am studying for a Masters in History, with a focus in Ancient and Classical Cultures, that seems like a good thing. Perhaps someday I will have a University office with “Prof. Thomas Doolan, PhD” stenciled on it. Wouldn’t that be some shit?

Looking forward to getting my game on tonight. Been a month since we played D&D, and I miss it. I mean, I’ve been playing CoH and Battlefield a lot lately, but it just isn’t the same. There’s something very personal about rolling dice and interacting with my voice, rather than my fingers.

That being said, a couple of friends are playing Skyrim, and with each new report from them, I find myself just a little more envious. Almost makes me want to switch to WoW, or maybe some other FtP fantasy MMO. But then Star Wars comes out next month, so I need to just bide my time. Besides, I really should focus on writing more. Games tend to cut into that severely.

Speaking of writing, nothing new to report. I still have all of my WIPs sitting around. And eventually, I will start carving away at some of those again. Orcs, interstellar mercenaries, and a Spartan King all want their stories told. Calm yourselves, boys. All in good time.

*leans back in his chair and stares out the window at the rolling hills while sipping tea and puffing his pipe*

A man must dream to appreciate life.


bowiefan said...

Don't switch :( I wants to play with you! *pout*

Keith said...

Sounds like a perfect lunch, although I would have opted for the beer and walked it off. While I wish you well in your academic endeavors, I must say from experience that the whole university professor thing is overrated. The traditional view of a professor leaves out the politics, committees, and other soul numbing things. Which is not to say it isn't something you should pursue. It can also be extremely rewarding.

Tom Doolan said...

Don't worry honey (bowiefan is my beautiful wife), I won't abandon you in CoH. Until Star Wars comes out. Then I will be dragging you along for the ride. :D

I don't think I have it in me to earn a PhD anyways. I'll probably end up spending the rest of my life doing work that does not involve my degrees. But then, they may fuel a spate of historical adventures!

Charles Gramlich said...

I don't mind being a professor, though of late there's been far more crappy work than I'd like. At least sometimes I get to do what I want to do.