Monday, January 23, 2012

150th post!

Is that really a benchmark these days? I dunno. I took a few years to get here, but that’s not surprising, since I have only started blogging with regularity in the last year or so.

Anyways, so what can I talk about on this momentous occasion? Well, I finished my first two classes for my Masters in History yesterday. Not sure how I did. I got a strong B in one class, but the other is questionable. 30% of my grade is based on a research paper that, admittedly, was kind of weak. I had my reasons, but suffice it to say, I was unable to put forth the effort I should have. Guess I’ll find out soon enough how it all turned out.

With the end of this term, I have a month before school starts again. At that point, I plan to only take one class at a time, instead of two. Fortunately, from here until near the end, it will be straight up History. No Historiography, no Historical Research Methods. Just reading and writing about History. That’s the part I like.

In the meantime, I will endeavor to finish up a couple of small writing projects, make some headway on a couple of larger ones, and most importantly, READ FOR PLEASURE! I just got a Kindle Fire not long ago, and although I still hit up the book store for TreeBooks, EBooks are amassing quite nicely. I’m fairly certain I have enough reading material to last me to retirement at this point. With several more titles waiting in the wings.

Had a doctor’s appointment this morning. Found out some things that shed some light on possible causes of my recent ailments. I’ll know more next week when the test results come in. Regardless of what they say, I definitely need to exercise more, and eat healthier. Winter is terrible for that, especially here in the Great White North. And some of my ailments have prevented me from even doing indoor stuff. Not to mention time. But, with the easing up of school, I should be able to make time for that soon enough.

Been playing a LOT of Star Wars: The Old Republic. My Vanguard Trooper is 24 and my Sith Marauder is 23. Michele started playing as well, and has a Jedi Consular that she is really enjoying. I’m going to let my Trooper languish until she gets to her early 20’s, so we can team up. I should take screen caps of my characters. They both look cool as hell. Especially my Sith. He is absolutely badass.  He punched out a Hutt the other day.  Yeah.  Badass.

The game has also provided some inspiration for an Orc story I have been mulling over. I may have to work on that one this month as well. Though my focus will have to be on the story for Scott Oden’s anthology.

Speaking of Scott, he has opened a business for himself. He is now going to offer professional critiques and editing help for aspiring writers. He has a website at The Editorial Goblin. Check him out. If you need an experienced set of talented eyes on your work, look him up. As the recipient of casual advice in the past, I can say for certain he has already helped me.

That’s about all I got for now. Stay safe out there. It’s dangerous!


Joe Bonadonna said...

Congratulations on #150! Reading for pleasure is something I long to do, but I'd have to stop writing for a while to do that. All this talk about Star Wars, and I'm going to have to rent both trilogies and watch them in order.

And thanks again for tipping me to the Google Blogspot!

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm within spitting distance of the end of my orc story. I'm liking how it is turning out. Hope you are feeling fully better soon.

Keith said...

Congratulations on your 150th post and making it through your first term. (I'm assuming since you just finished that you aren't on the semester system?)

Good luck with the rest of your classes, as well as your reading and writing projects.