Monday, March 12, 2012

Super Conception

Once upon a time, in the vast, fertile fields of my imagination (at least, that's how I imagine it), there were two Role Playing Games. One was an old, worn out, somewhat dated game, who, despite his age and mechanical problems, still held a lot of charm and character for me. His name was Marvel Super Heroes. The other was a bit younger, but still no spring chicken. Yet she held a slick beauty that made her very "flexible" and able to handle many situations. Her name was Storyteller.

One day, these two systems met, and it was a match made in...well, in my imagination. And the rest, as they don't say (but should) is the future.

What does all that mean? It means I am going to re-invent the old Marvel Super Heroes RPG from TSR, by merging some concepts from White Wolf's Storyteller System. Basically, instead of rolling percentage dice on a chart, you will be rolling handfuls of d10's and looking for successes (ie.: 7 or better).

I think I will call it "Marvelous Stories."

Why bother? Because I like the concept of FASERIP. I like the idea of stats being denoted, not just with a bland number, but with a description word that has some zing to it. I like the look and feel of the old MSH game, and would like to see it updated with something that is easier to grasp. Plus, I'm bored.

I also don't have the money or the gaming group to go out and buy the next big Supers RPG. And besides, I have always liked screwing around with what other people invent, as far as RPG's go. And this effort costs me nothing but spare time, and I can ditch it whenever I want. Because that's what I do.

In other news...

Vacation this week! Woohoo! Road trip with the wife.


Christopher Blanchard said...

Interesting... I'd be willing to see how this turns out.

Charles Gramlich said...

I thought this was gonna be a gunfight at high noon scenario at first. Instead it turned into a romance, man! :)