Friday, April 20, 2012

I did it again!

Last night I worked feverishly for a good hour or more on the cover of my latest Kindle publication.  This one is a short tale about "Orc romance."  I think it's a fun story, though I doubt I could ever find an actual market for it.  So, self-publishing seemed a natural fit.  I decided to try out Amazon's KDP program, and this one is only available via Kindle for at least the next 90 days.  I've also set it up to be free for the first five days, starting tomorrow.  Right now, it's only 99 cents, but tomorrow thru the 25th, you can download it for nothing. 

You can find it here.

Funny thing is, my wife loves the story so much that she wants to see more about the characters.  Which got me to thinking about the story I had written for Scott Oden's (sadly defunct) anthology.  That story centered around one of the main characters of my "romance" story.  So, the idea came to me that maybe I would expand the other story, and integrate a second plotline involving the main character from the romance.

Does that make sense?  Well, it will if/when I do it.  But that may be off in the future a bit.

Right now, I have two Kindles published, and both involve Orcs.  And, I got to thinking that maybe I should publish something non-Orc related, just to mix things up.  Thing is, I don't really have anything complete.  But I have a few WIPs that I could finish, and I will probably dust one of those off and have a go.

In other writing news, Pulp Empire has announced three new anthologies.  I have ideas for all of them, so I plan to work up some proposals, and hopefully get into at least one.  Regardless of whether they accept my proposal(s) or not, I will probably write the stories anyways.  If Pulp Empire doesn't want them, someone else might, or they may end up on Kindle.

And finally, school.  I have an 8-10 page paper due in less than two weeks.  I should probably start on that soon.  This weekend.  I'm hoping the new power supply for my wife's old laptop arrives today, so I can have a dedicated "mobile writing machine."  That may motivate me to write more often.

Other than that, not much new to discuss.  I'm currently re-reading Hour of the Dragon, by Robert E. Howard.  Odd trivia: I have six versions of this book; hardback, paperback (with intro by KEW), Conan the Conqueror, eBook, the Del Rey edition, and an audiobook recorded from an old book on tape of CtC.  Needless to say, it's one of my all-time favorite books.


Keith said...

Bought it, read it, enjoyed it, reviewed it:

A perfect way to spend part of lunch.

Charles Gramlich said...

Cool, man. I will definitely get it. Hope it does well. Hour of the Dragon is a great one for sure.