Friday, May 25, 2012

Not so deep thoughts

In an interesting math/geek paradoxical thing, I must admit that it's kind of cool that I will become the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything on 12-12-12. I'm quite sure the end is nigh. And I'm equally sure we'll be running late for it.

I'm probably going to get
this one for my 1E Fighter.

We have some more D&D tonight. This is awesome, because I will have played D&D more than once in a week yet again. Tonight is our regular game, using 3.5 rules, and set in medeival Europe with fantasy races. On Sunday, we played 1st Edidion AD&D, and slaughtered many Frost Giants. I'm having tons of fun. My only regret is that I don't have a better figure for my 1E character. Right now, I'm borrowing a rather "anime" looking figure as a placeholder. But, I may break down and just buy the one I want from Reaper. We had some cool paints, but I have no idea where they are. So, I will probably go to Michael's and get an inexpensive set of acrylic paints. I've used those in the past, and they work just fine.

Something odd, yet extremely cool happened recently. A friend made a casual comment about listening to John Carter books on audio, and being inspired to revisit an idea for a story he had. This caught the attention of Scott Oden who, in true crack dealer fashion, caused it to explode into another anthology idea. Within a couple of days we had a roster of writers from all over the spectrum, and a solid idea for our "shared world." I have been going gangbusters on the idea, spending a few days just building my world. The setting is an ERB/REH-inspired version of our solar system in the ancient past, where each planet is home to various peoples and cultures. My planet is Venus, which I call Themos, and it's a matriarchal blend of Greco-Roman cultures. I started my story for Volume I already, which apparently puts me ahead of everyone else. The plan is tentatively to put up a website, generate some interest, and publish in various formats in a few months. Probably about six, considering that most of the authors are busy with other, more lucrative projects. Exciting stuff!

I also just finished my current class yesterday, but turing in my Final. It was an essay exam, and I managed a little over three pages. I think it was good, but, if my past experience is any indicator, the Professor will find some holes, and I will end up with a B at best. Which is fine, actually. That will ensure a strong B in the class, and I am perfectly happy there. My next class starts on June 4th, and it will be on the Roman Empire and Republic. Five textbooks...eesh.

My brain has been all over the place lately, as usual. I keep getting inklings of inspiration in multiple genres, and it's been a struggle to stay focused. Add to that I am just tired. We go to bed late most nights, and I wake up early. I don't sleep very comfortably, so the sleep I do get isn't often very restful. All in all, I'm kind of a wreck. And it affects my brain-output immensely. I need to fix something, I know it.

I'm getting excited for Father's Day again. Faith will be here the day before, and our plan is to grab lunch at Taco Bell and then go see The Avengers. Honestly, I couldn't ask for a more perfect outing with my daughter. I miss her a lot, and can't wait to just hang out with her again.

Oh, hey! It's Memorial Day weekend. So, let's head out to The People's Brat Fest tomorrow (sponsored by the companies who DIDN'T support Scott Walker), and then cook out with friends. And don't forget to hug a vet, and say a silent thank you to the men and women who gave all they could to make this country free.


Charles Gramlich said...

I'll be playing a little D and D inspired Skyrim myself today.

Keith said...

The anthology idea sounds great. I'm looking forward to reading some of the stories.

Congrats on finishing the class, and good luck on the next one.

And your sleep habits sound like mine.