Thursday, August 2, 2012


In a couple of weeks we are heading to Wizard World Chicago, aka Chicago Comic Con. This will be my first Con in a while. We went once for a Saturday afternoon a few years ago, on the way home from dropping Faith off at O'Hare. But this time it's a planned event. And not only that, it's also the first time I will be in costume.

Many moons ago, when I lived in San Diego, I went to the San Diego Comic Con every year for ten years straight. I watched it grow into a monstrosity, and am amazed that it has gotten even bigger still since my last visit in 2006. But, in all those years, I never went in any kind of costume. Well, once Chris and I were going to go as Kevin Matchstick (Chris) and Kirby Hero (me), but that only half worked, and was kind of abandoned at the last minute.

This time, I am actively putting together a costume. My thought was to go as classic Nick Fury...with a twist. You see, in the comics, Nick wore a lot of blue and white. It works in four-color, but not in real life, IMHO. So, my thought was to interpret Nick as he might have looked had the Marvel movies chosen Classic instead of Ultimate Nick Fury. So, basically, a SWAT-style look. Of course I would still have the classic Nick elements of an eye-patch, gray temples, and a cigar.

This guy is the Gold Standard for
Classic Nick Fury, as presented in
the comic books.
All that being said, I'm kind of second-guessing myself. I'm not sure many people would get the idea, and would just assume I was going the cheap route, instead of putting together an authentic costume. And you know what? They could be right. I mean, isn't the point of dressing up for a con to celebrate the characters as they have been portrayed? I kind of think so. Which makes me think that another idea might be better.

My costume wouldn't be exact,
but it'd be pretty close.
As anyone who knows me even a little should be aware, I am a HUGE Stallone fan (oddly related, I once Photoshopped a pic of Sly as Nick Fury...I think he would have been great!). So, with The Expendables 2 coming out this month, I thought it would be cool to celebrate that by going as an Expendable to the Con. The costume itself would be pretty easy now. I have airsoft guns, a tactical vest, black BDU pants and combat boots. I even have a black beret, and could easily just go as Barney Ross himself (except I can't seem to find that cool Expendables flash he wears in the sequel). I think if I did this, though, I would have to insist that my wife draw an Expendables tattoo on my arm for the day.

I don't know. Anyone with Cosplay experience have an opinion on this?


Christopher Blanchard said...

I say, stick to your Nick Fury guns (pun intended). I mean, the eye patch and a shield logo will let everyone know who you are. And you've been to enough Con's to know that some people dress as their interpretations of favored characters, so who care's if you're not wearing the blue and white spandex of comic book Nick. Don't shave for a day or two, get a fake cigar, an eye patch and dye your temples gray, and dress in your gear. You'll be awesome.

Charles Gramlich said...

Never went dressed up either, though some would say my normal look is like a costume.