Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Orc Way

My fourth Kindle story is now live.  This one is a sequel to PEKRA, as it relates events that happened to Gortek just after his mating with her.  From the "back cover":

The Red Reavers are on a mission: To secure a dwarf for their chief, who wants to learn how to make steel weapons. But when the Orc patrol finds a perfect candidate for their needs, will their leader, the brainless oaf Kagan, muck things up with his short-sightedness?

It’s up to Gortek to handle the thinking, and keep his patrol-mates safe. But is he ready for the inevitable confrontation with Kagan?

You can find it here.  I hope you enjoy it!  As always, reviews are GREATLY appreciated.  And be sure to check out my other stories, if you haven't already.

Note:  The cover shown above is the actual final cover image.  The one that Amazon is showing is the previous version, which was rushed, and I dislike very much

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