Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I can’t stand that guy!

So, I was reading a review of the Director’s Cut of Daredevil (2003) over at The Action Elite, and I was reminded that I can’t stand Ben Affleck. Honestly, I can’t really explain why, there’s just something about him that I find annoying. I mean, he’s a decent actor, apparently a pretty good director, and he’s almost exactly my age. He likes comic books (hence his enthusiasm to play ol’ Hornhead), and is pretty funny in most of his Kevin Smith movie roles (especially Mallrats). So, really, I should like him.

But, I don’t.

Maybe it’s his teeth. They are too small for his mouth, and his gums are too big. I find that to be a really weird trait on anyone. I’m kind of bizarre, I know.

All that being said, I won’t avoid a good movie just because he’s in it. I liked Daredevil a lot. And really, he was my only quibble about the movie (well him, and the fact that Colin Farrell, whom I love to watch, kind of overplayed Bullseye a bit too much). The defining scene that illustrates why he was just wrong for the part was the playground fight. Maybe if it had been better choreographed, or better-written, or even just cut out all together, it wouldn’t be so bad. But that scene just takes me out of the whole fantasy. I didn’t believe for one second that Ben was blind, nor that he knew how to actually fight.

I remember when that movie was in development. It was originally offered to Ben’s childhood friend, and often-times collaborator, Matt Damon. But he turned it down (for reasons I don’t recall), so they offered it to Ben. Oh, Matt. You would have been so much better.

I do have to say that I liked the DD costume. Even though it’s part of the “leather stands in for spandex” trend (which I believe was actually started with the Hasslehoff classic TV movie, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD), it works. I even saw a few people wearing a version of that at Wizard World.

Over all, I really like that movie, and based on the review I read, I want to see the Director’s Cut. Apparently Michael Clark Duncan (may he RIP), whom I LOVED as the re-imagined Kingpin, really steals the movie with the cut scenes.  Hmmm…I have six days off coming up…   So, anyways, is there an actor that you just can't stand?  I have a friend who hates Ben Stiller so much that he will actually avoid watching movies he's in.  I'm not that psychotic about Ben.


Christopher Blanchard said...

Will Ferrell. I realize he's hugely popular, and many think he's funny as all get out, but there's just something about him that bugs the crap outa me. Maybe it's the fact that all his characters seem to be the same, that annoying man-child. The only time it really worked was in Elf. Anyway, that's the guy I just don't like.

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm kind of that way about Ben Stiller and another actor whose name I can't think of right now. they just bug me.