Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Normally people use three-day, holiday weekends as a time to relax, set aside the stresses and worries of everyday life, and just take things easy.  But not us!  Nope.

On Saturday, we went house shopping.  We looked at five properties, located all over the area.  Interestingly, each one was more appealing than the previous one.  In fact the last two were each damn-near perfect for us.  So, we are submitting an offer this week on #5, with #4 as a back-up.  The house we are trying to get is a pretty big one, with three bedrooms, a pretty modern kitchen, a brand new deck, and two porch rooms that have been converted into living spaces.  And it has a basement that is in really good shape, but I like it because the walls are sealed rock, and with the proper decoration, it could be easily made into a medieval dungeon!

Aside from all of that excitement, I spent a large amount of time on my term paper.  The final product was less-than-perfect, and if I had it to do over, I would have spent more time on the details.  Yet, despite finding a bunch of citation flaws, my professor gave me 24/25 points.  Which gave me a 95.4% in my class!  Yay!  Now it's a week off before I start History of Pop Culture on June 3rd.

In other news, my daughter graduates high school on June 10th, and we will be driving out to Las Vegas to see her graduate, and then bring her back here.  I think there's something cool about the fact that she graduates on the 25th anniversary (to the day) of my own high school graduation.  We're all very excited for her to come back here and help her get started on her adult life.  Her high school experience has been pretty rough (thanks largely to her mom), so we are looking forward to helping her put all of that behind her and starting fresh.

Then there was the normal Memorial Day weekend things like eating too much, and enjoying some good beer.

All in all, a busy weekend.  I'm exhausted, but feeling pretty good now.


Keith West said...

Good luck with the house and congrats on the graduation.

Charles Gramlich said...

that kind of thing exhausts me as well. Glad you got through it.

Tom Doolan said...

Thank you, gentlemen!