Thursday, May 23, 2013

Publication Day!

I am proud to make two announcements today.  First, my collection of short stories, With a Silken Fist, hits Amazon and Smashwords this morning.  This volume collects three stories of fantasy female action (no, not that kind of fantasy action); Pekra, Severance and Blood from Sand.  It should be noted that, even though the former two are still available separately, their versions in this volume have been edited and expanded.  Additionally, I have added an introduction to each story talking about how it came about.

My second announcement is that I have finally figured out Smashwords, and three of my best works are now available there; With a Silken Fist, Blackskull's Captive! and The Orc Way.  So, for those of you who have been chomping at the bit to take part in my literary genius on an eReader other than Kindle, now is your chance!

Links to both of my author pages are above.  Thank you and happy reading!


Charles Gramlich said...

Cool, man. I was on Smashwords for a while but haven't done anything with it in a long time.

Keith West said...

Congratulations! I may be asking you questions about Smashwords before the summer is over.