Friday, June 7, 2013

Vegas, baby!

We're off to Vegas this weekend!  But, it's not what you're thinking.  My daughter graduates High School on Monday, and due to financial constraints, we will be driving rather than flying (four of us on the way there, and five coming back).  It'll be a packed car, but the drive promises to be beautiful.

So, as you can imagine, I won't be around until next week.  I know, I know, how will you survive, right?  Easy, just read my older posts and imagine a different date.  I usually blather on about the same crap anyways.

As a little bit of an update, I started my new class yesterday.  History and Pop Culture; it's not what it sounds like.  At least not according to this professor.  Rather than studying actual pop culture, we are studying the idea of the "city" through the lens of pop culture.  I have some reading to do this weekend that promises to help me get some sleep.

Speaking of reading, been having a hard time finding fiction to read lately.  As you may recall, I set aside a shelf of books that I was determined to get through within the next year.  I finished my first one, and then grabbed the next on my list.  But, despite it being a great story with wonderful writing, my brain couldn't get into the genre (space opera).  So, I set it aside and grabbed a different one.  Again, still can't get into the genre (it's also well-written and promises to be a great book).

Maybe it's all the D&D stuff lately, but I find I want to read some old-school gaming fiction.  I recently picked up a trilogy of books based on the old Spelljammer setting for D&D, so I might start that.  I dunno.

Anyways, ta-ta for now!  See you all next week (though I may sneak in a quick post from Vegas).