Monday, July 1, 2013

Gaming and Stuff

So, I posted this over at my gaming blog, Wishful Gaming, but thought I would re-blog it here too.  Cuz I'm excited!


So, I get to really get my Geek on in November. I just registered for a 3-day, VIG (Very Important Gamer) pass for Gamehole Con here in Madison on November 1-3.

This will officially be my first gamer convention where I am strictly a patron. I went to Gen Con a few years back, but that was as a vendor, when I worked for ACD Distribution. This time I will be participating in games, sitting in for panels, and probably spending too much money on RPG-related crap that I don’t need (I need to start squirreling money away for this).

I’m kind of excited because, as a VIG pass-holder, I get access to early registration for special events. There is a good chance that I could play in a game run by either Ernie Gygax or Frank Mentzer (or, heaven forbid, BOTH!). Truth be told, this actually makes me nervous. I have this fear of being looked down on by other gamers because I “do it wrong.”

I never said I was a rational person.

Regardless, I am also looking forward to just taking it all in. I’m hoping this thing has a pretty big turnout, and that there will be lots to do. My wife is only going to go on Saturday, so two of my days there I will be on my own. I have a friend who is supposed to be getting the 3-day pass as well, so I will probably hang with him most of the time.

It has taken me many years, but I think I have finally accepted the fact that I am just a big ol’ geek. My exes tended to try to nudge me away from my hobbies, and none of them were ever interested in sharing in my adventures (well, there was one who played AD&D with me…but I’m sure it was just so she could keep tabs on me). My current wife, however, is a gamer. And though our tastes in games are sometimes a bit different (she is a huge Vampire fan), she totally gets my love for the hobby.

So, if you are coming to Madison, look for me. On one of the days, I will be the guy in the black Barbarian t-shirt from my Zazzle store. Not sure what I will wear the other two days, though…


In other news, I got confirmation from the editor at Weird tales that my stories are slated to be published in the near future.  The issue after the next one is a S&S issue, and he would like to publish both stories there.  I offered to edit the stories together, so I may do that, if he likes.  This is awesome news, as I had not heard anything in many months, and was about to start shopping the stories around.

There are some new developments on our housing situation, but I will wait until things are finalized to chit-chat about that.

All in all, life is pretty good.


Charles Gramlich said...

As a geek myself, it is nice when I get to refer to you gamers as supergeeks. :)

Tom Doolan said...

Ha! Supergeek. Love it!