Monday, September 23, 2013

Still Kickin'

Dear Blogosphere,

It has been almost a month since last I spoke to you here. Please don't hate me, but I've been busy on my other blog. You know, that geeky blog that talks about those silly little role playing games I've been playing for over 30 years? Yeah, I'm there a lot. I've been doing a blog-a-day about D&D this month. If you ever played, or still play, or are morbidly curious, check it out. Also be sure to check out the blogs of interest on that site as well. Some really creative and cool people out there.

I'd like to report that I have been killing it on my fiction. But I can't. In fact, I've rarely touched a piece of fiction of my own in months. I have, however, been writing a lot of stuff about RPG's. So, I guess there's that. But, now that this term is over for the next couple of weeks, I might try to remedy that to an extent. I have a few stories that I really want to finish.

Speaking of which, I think I brought up a long while back that I was involved in an anthology of Sword & Planet stories. Well, due to many factors, the anthology itself is probably not going to happen. However, several of us have stories written already. So, the current consensus is to each self-publish our own as Kindles. Right now we're looking at using a "series title" and other elements to connect them all. Then there will be shared-promotion of each others' stories.

The idea is kind of based on the Fight Card series. A cool idea, and I think it's a good glimpse into the future of publishing and self-publishing.

In other news, I turned in a 13-page paper on Bodybuilding's influence on film making, starting with Steve Reeves as Hercules. I rather enjoyed it, and learned a few things. No word on the grade yet, as it was due yesterday (I turned in mine on Friday), so the prof hasn't gotten around to grading it yet. But, I'll know by the end of the week. Unless I totally bombed it, I should get a high B in the class, maybe an A-. I'm cool with either.

I had a huge crisis of faith on my career outlook the other day. I worried myself to tears almost. I really should figure out what I want to be when I grow up.


Charles Gramlich said...

I think we writers never quite grow up. So there's that. :)

Keith West said...

I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Then I realize I'm confusing growing up with growing old. One is optional, one isn't.

I hate to hear the sword and planet anthology fizzled. I hope the people involved can get those stories out there soon. Good luck with that. And let me know when they come out. I may need something to blog about somewhere.