Tuesday, December 3, 2013

WIPs and chains?

I was thinking that maybe I would share of a few of my favorite Works In Progress. Mind you, this is but a small sampling, as I tend to have about 20+ things in various stages at any given time.

“Barbarian Prince”
This one has a full outline for the first half, and a summary of the second. It was based on an idea I got after reading Conan of the Isles, by L. Sprague DeCamp (it’s a passable pastiche, and I enjoyed it when I read it years ago). That book left a plotline completely unresolved; that being the son of Conan and what happened to him when his father left. This book will attempt to answer that. It’s an homage, and takes place in a version of the Hyborian Age that has all of the serial numbers filed off.

“The Naked Dead”
This is a fun little one that started as a planned serial that fizzled. It’s sort of an homage to the old first-person detective stories, but with a space opera twist, and a dash of Doc Savage. It centers around my hero, Thomas Magni, whose ship is hired to escort a creepy little scientist and his big cargo module to a distant and abandoned research facility. Horror and action ensue, within a narrative of rapier wit.

“Gorus and the Jaguar God”
This one has a full outline, and it’s probably the furthest along. Gorus is a very Conan-esque hero, but with some dark twists. Lots of fights, dark sorceries, a lost island, and a trapped demon or two. I also have plans for several other stories involving Gorus.

There’s also a sequel to Pekra and The Orc Way, which features Pekra and Bofdak the dwarf. And the sequel to Blackskull’s Captive, which tells about what happened to Jack after that story. And, of course, the historical fiction about Agesilaus.

Then there are ideas I am trying to percolate, such as another story about Themos, and a pulp-hero in the mold of The Shadow and The Phantom.

I’ve put a lot on my plate. And I plan to set myself a schedule of sorts, and just chip away at them.

Ok, so there's no chains. Unless you count me chaining myself to my computer at some point.

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Charles Gramlich said...

I jot down lots of ideas and sometimes they gell years later into a story, or a complete story,