Friday, June 6, 2014

And along comes something shiny

Just the other day I had a plan for my S&S story about Gorus the Gray. Well, as of yesterday, thanks to a post on Facebook, I am already modifying that.

Tor books is starting a new eBook imprint called, originally enough, Yesterday they put out an open call for unsolicited, unagented, novella-length fiction. The minimum length is 17,500 words. The due date is in August. Hmmm…

So, during some down time yesterday, I opened the story and began giving it another read-through. Ended up adding about 800+ words of character background, as well as correcting some inconsistencies. From there I also figured out a couple of new plot twists. So, once I have all of that written out, I should be pretty close to the 20k mark.

If I can manage that, I will be sending it off ASAP.

And for some reason, I found myself thinking about the Agesilaus historical fiction project I have started. I poked a bit at that, but not enough to distract me too much. I have a general outline for it, though it needs a lot more detail and an actual plot hook and climax. So, I’ll need to figure out what event in young Agesilaus’ life will mark the end of the book. Since I’m looking at a character who, oddly enough, lived to old age in Ancient Greece, and had a very storied life throughout, the first book will most likely end with him being crowned king.

For that book, I am going to go all out with the outlining and preparations. Probably note-cards, spreadsheets, and the like. I hear good things about Scrivener, as a writing tool that allows you to electronically organize all of that. I might invest in it if I can.

But, first things first. Gorus the Gray...