Wednesday, October 8, 2014

That light sure sounds like a train

So, last night I got an email from my school advising me to apply for graduation now. I was a bit taken aback, as I am only halfway done with my current class, and will have to take one more class before I can even register for the Comprehensive Exam course. In essence, I won’t be eligible for graduation until sometime next summer.

And that assumes that I can pass the Exam. Which is the part that frightens me. Right now, the possibility of failing that exam, and then failing it again, thereby preventing me from being conferred a degree, frightens me more than a little. I’m sure I’ll be fine, but the idea that I might be on the verge of being done with school is a bit daunting.

And mainly, it’s the financial worries. After I stop going to school, some of my loans will come due, with the rest coming due later. Eventually I will need to consolidate them. But the fact that I will top off at somewhere around $70k in student debt worries me. That payment is going hit me in the gut, and probably make life extremely difficult for a long time.

Of course, I am always hopeful that I will get a good-paying job that will allow me to afford that. But really, what kind of jobs are there for History majors around here? I can’t really move because my wife is obligated to stay here in WI until her daughter is 18, which is still over six years away. So, I’m kind of stuck in Madison for the time-being. Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s just that pickins is slim for people with my (not so) unique set of skills.

Anyways, I still have some time to think and plan.

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