Monday, July 4, 2016

5 Characters I’d like to see in the MCU

…but none of them are likely to happen.

I love the MCU movies. And while I have my favorites, even the worst of the bunch are still fun and entertaining.  But, as a long-time Marvel fanboy, there are some characters that I would love to see in the MCU, but I know are just not going to happen.  Here are five of those.

1.  Will the REAL Nick Fury please step forward?
Now, I love Sam Jackson.  And as much as it rankled me at the beginning, I understand why they went with the Ultimate Universe version of Nick Fury for the MCU.  But, I still kind of long for the classic Nick.  You know, the white guy who has been kicking ass since WWII?  There is even a way they could integrate him into the current MCU continuity.  And it involves a trope that has been bandied around for James Bond several times in the past.  "Nick Fury" is just a name.  It's handed off to a new SHIELD leader every so often.  I had started writing a screenplay about this where the old Nick came out of retirement to help out the new Nick.  I think it would work really well.

My fan casting:  Bruce Campbell

2.  From the Captain to USAgent
One of the best story lines from Captain America during the 80's (IMHO) was when Cap ran afoul of an upstart would-be replacement named Super Patriot.  John Walker has superhuman strength and durability, granted by a process he went through at the hands of The Power Broker.  Long story short, the US government decided they owned the name and identity of Captain America, and when Steve Rogers gave up the mantle out of a desire to not be beholden to the whims of an ever-changing government, they recruited John Walker to take over.  In the end, it wasn't a good fit.  Steve came back to the role, and John eventually donned Steve's old black and red uniform that he wore when he called himself simply The Captain.  As the government's version of Captain America, John has had a long and varied career as USAgent.

My fan casting: John Cena

3. Behold the Prince of Power!
With Thor making such a huge impact on the MCU, I understand why they don't want to bring in Hercules.  I mean, to the average viewer, what's difference between one super powered warrior-god from mythology and another?  But to us Marvel fans, we understand that the two characters couldn't be more dissimilar.  First of all, Herc is half-mortal, and he spent the majority of his life on Earth.  So, even though his appearance and attitudes hearken back to his mythological roots, he has an understanding of humanity that Thor never will.  Plus, Hercules, as Marvel presents him, would add the element of fun and levity, as he is the resident "party boy" superhero.  Plus, wouldn't it be cool to see a tussle between Hercules and Thor?  Or even Hercules and Hulk?

My fan casting: Joe Manganiello

4. The Master of Tasks
In his first appearance, the man known as The Taskmaster managed to take down and capture most of the himself!  Born with the mutant ability of "photographic reflexes" Taskmaster can mimic perfectly any physical action he witnesses (within human capabilities).  Thus he can fight as well as Captain America, is as agile as Spider-man, can use a bow like Hawkeye, etc.  He has picked up a plethora talents, and always seems to be able to find new ways to use his power.  Usually portrayed as a villain, he sometimes comes in on the side of good, thus becoming somewhat of an anti-hero over the years.  He is responsible for training John Walker in the fighting style of Cap, as well as in the use of his shield.

My fan casting: Scott Adkins

5.  Tea time for Union Jack
As a British version of Captain America (sort of), Union Jack as a persona actually dates back to WWII, as his first incarnation was as an alter-ego of  James Montgomery Falsworth, who was featured as one of the Howling Commandos in Captain America: the First Avenger.  There have been a few incarnations of the persona over the years, including James' son, but the character is still basically the same in the modern incarnation.  Union Jack is a skilled soldier and commando, who carries a pistol and dagger, and is a highly trained combatant and spy.

My fan casting: Jason Statham


Charles Gramlich said...

MCU must be marvel comics universe, I'm guessing. I need to read some old Nick Fury.

Tom Doolan said...

MCU is short for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Most people use it as a way of differentiating the movies from the comics. :) Oddly enough, I've not read much of the old Nick Fury stuff either. But, I've read up in his history, and I love it when he shows up in a supporting role. It's my goal to get some of the old stuff eventually.