Friday, December 5, 2008

Forums, babies and Death Knights

First off, a bit of a rant. Why do non-political forums always have a thread or section where people like to spout off about politics? I left the City of Heroes forum (where I met my wife a couple of years ago) because of all of the nonsense about the recent election. And even though I am considering going back to the game again, part of me still wants to stay away from the forum. I can’t unfeel the feelings of anger and resentment towards some people for their inability to couch their personal views in any form of civility. And recently, with my renewed interest in James Bond, I had started posting at one of those forums. But today I read a political thread that just irritated me to no end, and have summarily decided to stop posting there as well. So, as it stands, I have two forums that I post on, and both have rules against “discussing” contemporary politics and religion. I think ALL forums that aren’t devoted to politics should have that rule.

Whew! Ok, I’m done with that.

My son is the most wonderful baby on the planet. Can I just make that clear? Barely two weeks old and he’s already developing a personality. I love it. I love holding him, but sometimes I just like looking at him, especially when my wife holds him. They are so beautiful together. And he reminds me a lot of my daughter when she was that age. I had forgotten how much I liked being a new daddy. And it’s even better now that I have a wife who appreciates me for me, and revels in just being married and having a family. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever been this happy.

And speaking of cool my wife is, she let me buy Wrath of the Lich King for World of Warcraft as an early birthday present. I haven’t really delved into it, yet. My main character isn’t high enough to explore the new realms (he’s almost 69, and needs to be 70), and the Death Knight class hasn’t sparked me yet. I have only rolled one (since I only have one realm on which I can have one), and the very first quest that takes you outside is confusing. I got frustrated with it within a few minutes, and logged off. I’ll probably just concentrate on my main (Hoofgrimm, a Tauren Hunter on the Greymane server), and just goof around with the DK thing every now and then.

Of course this weekend is a free weekend in City of Heroes, so I may get sucked into goofing around with that until Sunday…

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