Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So, I have decided to give this another go. This will be my third attempt. I will consider it a success if I can get past 25,000 words this time. If anyone is interested in following my progress, I have added a widget to the side of this blog. Please feel free to "Buddy" me if you are participating too.

On that note, here is the short synopsis of my project:

Joe Parks was just an average tech guy on his honeymoon. He was a staunch gun-control supporter and an avowed "peacenick" who had never brought harm to another human being in his life.

But when tragedy strikes unexpectedly, it sends Joe on a journey into the heart of darkness, where he soon discovers that there is a fine line between justice and revenge. And though violence is never THE answer, it is sometimes AN answer. But always with a cost.

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