Thursday, February 3, 2011

The ball rolls…just a little.

So this week my boss is out on vacation. And admittedly, when he’s not in giving me little tasks to do…well, I end up with a lot of free time on my hands. Lately, I have been trying to focus that time on writing. The other day it was for homework, but more often than not, it’s for fiction and games.

And in relation to both, I finished a piece of orc fiction this morning! It’s just a 2,500-word short detailing the mating rituals of orcs. But I like it. And even better, the two people who have read it liked it a lot. I will go back and polish it up sometime soon. But for now I will put one more chalk-mark in the Victory category.

On the game-writing front, I have been pecking away at two different efforts. The first is Being Green, my orc RPG. I have most of what I need to have for the mechanics. Now I am fine-tuning those, and trying to come up with a setting. This part is turning out harder than I thought, but that’s mainly my own fault. I have created several settings over the years where orcs feature prominently. And each one has some elements in common. So, instead of re-inventing the wheel yet again, I decided to adapt one of those for my game. However, the one document that has the version I want to use eludes me. I just can’t find it. And what’s worse is that I can’t find the flash drive I thought it was saved on! That’s a huge deal, but I prefer not to think about that right now…

This all brings me to another question for my gamer friends. How much is too much? When you open a new RPG, do you like lots of detailed history, or do you prefer a simple presentation of the setting, with enough info to get started, and keep it all making sense? Or do you prefer something in-between? Do the Setting and History need to be divided into separate sections, or should they be integrated together?

Ok, so that’s more an one question. But they’re all interrelated.

The other game is Steam Jammer, my steampunk space adventure game, based a lot on Disney’s Treasure Planet. For that one, I am just importing the core mechanics from Being Green, and concentrating on writing up the background and game-specific rules (such as ships and firearms…neither of which exist in Being Green). I’m having fun coming up with stuff. Basically, imagine the North Atlantic and the Caribbean during the 17th century, add in the American Colonies during the 18th century, and then spread the whole thing across the galaxy. It’s a fun exercise. Especially coming up with pseudo-scientifically plausible reasons for such things as why ships can fly through space without a contained atmosphere for the occupants (I rather like the idea I came up with for that one).

All that and I am growing a full beard for the Super Bowl. In case anyone doesn’t know, I have been a Steelers fan my whole life. My wife has been a Packers fan all of hers. We have rules in place for trash talk, as well as a little wager involving personal grooming. Should be fun!

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"Do you really 'finish' a piece of Orc Fiction? Or does it finish you? :)