Tuesday, July 19, 2011

General update

So, I have this need to blog today.  It helps me get the writing muscles warmed up, so I can move on to some fiction. 

This is how I envision Mahak.
Currently, that fiction is the story of Mahak the Vengeful.  I'm rather liking this one.  Yesterday I had to cover the front phones during lunch.  So, I took my notepad and pen, and in between fielding calls, I wrote out some notes.  Interestingly, I had started this story as just a straight-up, brutal action/revenge story.  But as I write, I find myself filling in details, which has lead to more subplots and story elements.  This is actually a good thing.  My aim was about 10,000 words.  The initial story I was trying to go for might have stretched enough to get to 5,000.  With these added elements, I think the thing will be closer to 7,500, maybe more.  We'll have to see.  Also, some elements are setting themselves up for sequel stories, and a lesser character that was intended to be for one scene and nothing more is suddenly playing a much larger role in the story as it progresses.  Amazing how that happens!

Thank you, Scott, for planting this seed in my head.

In other news, my computer at home is cranky.  It boots up, and then freezes.  There is obviously something in the whole process that is corrupted.  And I can't really run any good diagnostic programs, because the ones I need to run won't run in Safe Mode.  I've uninstalled a couple of programs (including Avast, my anti-virus software), in the hopes that they were the corrupted ones.  This all started not long after a new version of Avast came out.  But, it's still not working.  So, yesterday I decided to upgrade to Windows 7.  It's something I need to do anyways, and Michele is a student right now, so she can get a really good deal on it ($60 or so).  I hope that fixes it.  If not, it's off to the Geek Squad!

Related to that, we're thinking about getting me a new laptop, and making my desktop the "Family" computer.  But that won't happen until I figure out what I am going to do about grad school.  I have completely lost any semblance of interest in the program I was in, so I am dropping that.  But, being an online student (my life just does not allow for a traditional school), my options are limited.  We've decided that I should pursue something just for me, rather than something career-oriented.  I'm looking at a Masters in Military History from Norwich.  I think that would be way cool.

My wife is taking my 15-year old and her friend to Warped Tour today.  It's a bunch of neo-punk bands (very different from the punk of my youth, but the spirit is still there).  Funny thing is, my wife is very into fashion and what is currently cool (not only personally but professionally, as she's a hairdresser), so she is dressing pretty much like my daughter is, with her own flare added.  Normally, when moms attempt this, it's disastrous.  But Michele pulls it off well, and honestly, it's not that different from her normal look.  I'm looking forward to hearing about it, and how many teenage boys try hitting on her.  She looks a lot younger than she is.

Other than that, life moves on.  Looking forward to Captain America this weekend.  I'm bummed we won't be able to hit the first showing on Friday like we did with Thor.  But, it's ok.  I just get giddy when I think about how cool this movie is looking to be.

What are you guys up to?


Charles Gramlich said...

Luck with the new story. I'm getting a lot better at predicting how long things will be these days. I used to be terrible at it.

Paul R. McNamee said...

I'm not up to much, just the daily routine.

Good luck fleshing out the orc tale.

I have two stories on the planning board, need arse-in-chair time now.

Captain America is looking good, but I probably won't catch it at the cinema. I just don't get out to movies nowadays.

I did watch all three of those DC DVDs I mentioned on my blog. I enjoyed them - especially the Jonah Hex short. I keep finding the animated stuff surpassing the live action stuff.

Tom Doolan said...

@Charles - Thanks! I figure I'm just learning how to tell a complete story, from beginning to end. Estimating word-counts will come later. :)

@Paul - I've seen the Superman/Shazam like 20 times. Had it on the queue, and would periodically just watch it with my daughter. I agree, the cartoons are sometimes better than any of the live-action ones. Except the Marvel one. I make it a special point to see those in the theater.

Btw, how do I follow your blog, Paul? You have no button for to follow...

Paul R. McNamee said...

@Tom - huh, I assumed the follow button would be by default. I'll look at my settings. Thanks for pointing that out!

Paul R. McNamee said...

@Tom; Ah, it looks like you need to sign-in to Blogger to be able to see the default "Follow" link in the header of a page.

I went back to your page unsigned-in and didn't see your "Follow" link, either. Once I signed-in, I saw the "Follow" link next to "Share".

Also - good luck with Win7. Last time my PC fried, I went iMac ;)