Thursday, July 14, 2011

So, I married a Geek

Before I even relocated to Wisconsin., she had me.
I'm a geek.  What can I say?  Fortunately, my wife finds that aspect of me very attractive.  Which is as it should be.  I used to try to hide my geekiness.  But, eventually I just decided to display it like a peacock and his tail-feathers.  And it netted me the most amazing peahen.  Seriously.

Last night we were watching Stargate SG-1 on NetFlix.  She had missed most of the pilot episode, so she had a few questions.  She had never seen the show before (it came out when she was still gaga over Buffy and Babylon 5, I believe), but she had seen the Kurt Russell film, and she had loved that.  So, I explained the relationship between the two, including trivia about Richard Dean Anderson's casting.  Then I mentioned that watching the show always made me miss playing the RPG back in San Diego, run by my long-time friend and fellow writer, Chris Blanchard.  She responded with "Do you still have all of the source materials?"

You see, my beautiful wife is a gamer too.  In fact, we have a D&D game tomorrow night with two other married couples.  She's also toying with the idea of starting an online multi-media empire about gamer chics.  Once she gets that going, it will be geek paradise!

She has this on a t-shirt.
Admittedly, her tastes run more "art house" than mine in some areas, such as comics.  Where I love 4-color superheroes, she loves Sandman (she has a Death t-shirt).  Her RPG passion has always been the World of Darkness games, particularly Vampire (I always liked Werewolves better, but that's just me).  Still, she is just as giddy as I am about all of these cool superhero movies coming out (though I daresay she is more excited for Harry Potter opening tomorrow than for Captain America opening next weekend).

All told, I think I really lucked out with this one.  And we are raising some good, wholesome geeky kids as well.  Both of my daughters like to read.  My eldest actually has tastes similar to my wife's.  I know none of them will ever read Robert E. Howard (well, maybe Connor might), but that doesn't matter.  I'm just glad that we are a house where reading is considered fun.  My 8-year old waffles on what she likes to read, but she's just exploring her tastes right now.  However, she does enjoy reading my comic books, and is a huge superhero fan.  And my teenager says she may join an RPG club at her new high school when she moves to Las Vegas after this Summer.  I figure if she does, and they are playing 4E, I will mail her my books.  I don't use them, and she would be well-served to have them.

Yesterday was Embrace Your Geekness Day (or some such).  For me, like most geeks I know, that's every day.


bowiefan said...

I love you, Dynamo-Man!

Charles Gramlich said...

Isn't it in the Bible? the "geek" shall inherit the earth? something like that.