Monday, July 11, 2011

Old blogs and new Flicks

You see what I did there?

The other day, after suggesting to a friend that maybe a private journal would help him sort through some tough times, I dug up my old Xanga page.  I blogged there daily (often multiple times in a day) from late April to late November of 2006.  Mainly it was a place for me to try to sort my feelings about a very tumultuous time in my personal life.  It dealt with a huge break up, new romances, old romances renewed, and financial struggles.  I also talked about fitness, gaming and various and sundry other things.  But, it was mainly about relationships with women.

Looking back on those posts, I can't help but laugh.  I spoke so much of endless love and "soul mates".  Funny thing is, the last entry was just about the time I met Michele online.  It's pretty amazing how she came in and just swept all that crap away without even trying, or even intending to.  My life has taken some major turns since that time, and I have to say, I am ten times happier now because of those turns.

I had briefly considered recycling that account for my own use now.  But, really, why?  I don't have any personal demons to excise there anymore.  And I have this blog to chat about what is important now.  So, I'm just going to delete the account.  I mean, I skimmed through the whole thing this morning, just to see if there was anything worth saving.  Nope.  It's all pretty whiny and all over the place.  Nothing even worth talking about anymore.

Anyways, less than two weeks until Captain America opens in theaters!  I am positively quivering with excitement over this one.  Cap has been my favorite superhero since high school.  I mean, when I first started reading comics regularly, Spider-man was my favorite.  But I still loved Cap.  Eventually, Spider-man just kind of fell away, and Steve Rogers took the throne as the Coolest Superhero.  The movie looks amazing.  With enough old-school Cap, mixed with some updated designs and such.  Like all of the recent Marvel movies, it definitely draws a lot from their Ultimate Universe.  But, in the end, it's still the classic WWII super-soldier.

Also looking forward to Peter Jackson's The Hobbit.  When I first heard they were doing it as two movies, I was hesitant.  The Hobbit has always been my favorite of Tolkien's books, and I still occasionally watch the old Rankin-Bass animated movie.  But, I trust Pete to do the book justice.

In other news, been having a hard time concentrating on writing any fiction lately.  I have a bunch of ideas in my head, but when I sit at the keyboard to get them down, nothing comes out.  It's frustrating, but not uncommon for writers, so I hear.

Other than that, life moves on.


Charles Gramlich said...

Yes, I think a lot about years sometimes that I've spent spinning my wheels, when a new love happens or a new job or something that sweeps all the old away. And I wonder why I thought as I did before. Experience is a good teacher, I guess.

Paul R. McNamee said...

Yeah, when I met my wife, and dated my wife, there was none of that soulmates, super spiritual connection I'd always thought I'd needed.

We made good friends, and I just knew that was where I was meant to be. Not in any huge young puppy-dog silliness, just a comfortable feeling that I was home, without any overblown imagined significance.

Don't get me wrong, it was/is very significant, but it felt right without having to shout to the world how right it was.

If that makes any sense.

And yes, I wondered why I had been such an ass when I was younger. Still do, sometimes, but life goes on and I don't dwell on the past if I can help it at all.