Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I am a blank slate

Because he still makes everything awesome.
Even this stupid blog post.
I will visit this statue some day.
Today I find myself once more devoid of ideas and creativity. I have opened several writing projects, hoping that something strikes me. I have read and surfed and searched for things to inspire ideas. All I am getting out of it is frustration. I don't even have any work-related things to do right now. So, I figured I would scribble (metaphorically speaking, of course) some crap here.

Sunday was the Super Bowl. And frankly, I just didn't care. I have no interest in either team that played. I'm not really a fan of the game so much as I'm a fan of certain teams. I love my Steelers, and I like my wife's Packers. If neither team is on, football isn't on.

Originally we had planned to (attempt to) do a marathon viewing of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Special Extended Editions, of course. That's over 11 hours of movie. I've done it a couple of times, myself. And we have discussed the need we feel to do it again soon. However, that didn't really pan out either. Which is probably fine. Connor would not have let it go without protest.

Instead we got the gaming group together and played out some chaos and mayhem. There was a lot of build up to what amounted to an anti-climactic battle with a giant. But, that was just the beginning. We moved away from the keep that the giants and orcs had been occupying after we had freed the hostages. The rescued villagers were sent on with my commandeered troupe of men-at-arms, and we stayed back in the abandoned village and awaited the inevitable attack of 50 orcs, led by a demon-possessed shaman with the head of a boar.

Now THAT was fun! Lots of carnage, explosive spells, sneak attacks, and massive weapons hacking orcs to pieces.

[random direction change #1]

In other news, I started my next term this week. After some tap-dancing involving my undergrad transcripts, and some screwed student aid, I managed to get registered for "Warfare in Ancient Greece and Macedonia." I'm really looking forward to this one.

I ended up with a B+ and a C+ last term the C+ was a 79.4%. Yep. 0.6% away from a B. You'd think...oh, never mind. Suffice it to say, this term should be much easier. One class.  Regular homework/reports/tests/etc. And an interesting subject!

[random direction change #2]

D&D Tom Edition has kind of stalled. I was all gung-ho for doing it at first. But then I sat down and figured out how much work it would be. Ugh. I'm not motivated enough to do that much for no payback other than personal gratification and a few comments. I do have some notes on what I would like to add/change about 3.5E, which is essentially what TE was turning out to be. Maybe I will post those ideas here soon, just to gauge reactions.
Did I really just ramble like that?  I need to go home.

Here, have some video that my son loves.


Tim Shorts said...

First off, Bruce Lee makes every exponentially cooler. Second, you are a Steelers fan that makes you exponentially cooler. And that fight sounds like a great time.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sometimes a bit of flailing around is inevitable in writing. Something will ignite soon, I'm sure of it.