Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Geek in Review

So, we went to Wizard World - Chicago on Saturday. I was dressed as Classic Nick Fury, Michele was an excellent Tank Girl, and Faith decided against the full-on costume and merely wore Michele's Death (Sandman) t-shirt. Over all, it was a good time. A bit pricier than I remember it being last time, but still fun. Saw a LOT of great costumes, and ended up carrying my iPhone around and just snapping pics. I'll probably post some of those later, probably on Facebook.

It was cool that people recognized who I was supposed to be, and I even got a few compliments (my favorite was the guy at the ECTO-1 photo-op booth who shouted "Hey, it's David Hasselhoff!"). But no one wanted my picture. It might have been that I didn't have my eye-patch down most of the day. I tried it, but I kept bumping into people and objects. Michele got a lot of comments, and she even got asked to take a picture. All in all, though, it was a very fun experience.

Of course, the highlight for her was that she got to meet Sean Patrick Flanery, of Boondock Saints fame (among others). He was a really cool guy, and very nice to his fans. He and Norman Reedus seemed to be genuinely enjoying the whole experience. And after being to a lot of Cons, I can tell you that not all celebrities seem to be having fun.

On the drive home, while my wife and daughter alternately dozed and Facebooked on their iPhones, I was already planning on what costume to wear next year. Honestly, for me it all depends on what shape I am in. One thing I WON'T do for a costume is be a "Fat Spiderman." If I am going to wear a costume that is largely spandex (or some other form-fitting material), or shows a significant amount of skin, then I want to look as close to the comic book version as I can. This year, I was pushing it. And honestly, I went with the tactical vest instead of a shoulder holster mainly because it hid my gut. Or, as my wife puts it, my "husband tummy."

So, assuming I can lose the weight I want to (and honestly, I need to lose it for health reasons anyways), I am considering the following:


Moon Knight

Dr. Strange (this might be doable even if I'm not in the best shape)

Man-Thing (ok this might be a bit far-fetched, but it'd be wicked cool)

Dee Snider

Rambo (this would require some SERIOUS working out)

However, chances are by this time next year my list of possibilities will be completely different.


Charles Gramlich said...

Boondock Saints, that's where I know that guy from. I did really like that movie.

bowiefan said...

I touched him ^_^

Thunderman said...

I'm doing a intermittent fast. It's do-able and you can lose weight on it. Look it up.
I cosplayed the last few years at Dragon-Con, but I was in pretty decent shape for the last 2-3 times I did it.
It does get harder as you get older, but it's do-able.
If you got in shape i think you' make a pretty good Shazam :)