Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12 A Day to Remember

I figured on such an auspicious day, I should post some nonsense to commemorate.  Here in Wisconsin, today has been officially sanctioned (by our Governor) as Aaron Rodgers Day.  If you don't follow football, and specifically the Green Bay Packers, that will mean bupkiss to you.  As a hardcore Steelers fan, however, I prefer to call it Terry Bradshaw Day.  Again, non-football fan = bupkiss (and you'll probably want to skip the next paragraph as well).

Why am I a Steelers fan?  I have never lived in Pittsburgh.  I'm from the Bay Area of California, originally.  So, traditionally, I'm supposed to be either a Raiders or 49ers fan.  And I've tried both on, but they never fit.  That's because in 1974 or so, I had a stack of football cards about three feet high.  Included in that collection was the entire line-up of the then current Steelers team.  Man, what I would give to have those now!  Anyways, before I even knew what football was, I decided that I would be a Steelers fan because of that.  And, well, it stuck.  And for good reason.  The Steelers have more Superbowl wins (6) than any other NFL team (although the Packers have more overall championships, having won several before the SB was invented).  That may soon be surpassed, but they have held that title for many years.  And for four of those six games, the quarterback was Terry Bradshaw.  He is my all-time favorite football player.  Other QB's may be statistically better, even among his contemporaries.  But Terry has four rings.  He was a general on the field, and his Hail Mary Pass was something to behold.  Today I still love my Steelers.  Not because they are the best team.  But because they are a consistently good team.  No team has ever run roughshod over them in a game.  When you play the Steelers, win or lose, you know you played some smashmouth, in-your-face football!  And if you happen to win, you know you earned that victory.

Anyways, it's also a great day because it's my birthday.  And not only that, but I am 42 this year.  Anyone who has read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy should be aware of the significance of that number.  And if you haven't, I have to wonder what you are doing reading a blog by a geek like me...?

Happy 12-12-12 to everyone!  Drinks are on you!


Kort said...

Happy 42nd B-day Tom! :']

Tim Shorts said...

Happy b-day Tom from another die hard Steeler faqn from Western PA.