Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Was that a tumbleweed?

Ok, not that kind of Boxing.
But Rocky always makes my blog cooler.
Happy Boxing Day!

To celebrate, the Fight Card books are on sale for Kindle for $.99 each for the next week or so.  I've read the first three and they are awesome!  If you enjoy boxing stories in the tradition of Robert E. Howard, and the Fight Stories of the Pulp Age, check them out.  I think I might just grab the rest that I don't have yet.

Anyways, here I am at work.  Practically alone.  Nothing much to do but a few small tasks.  Naturally, I am inclined to goof off.  And of course, maybe write and do some homework.

On the writing front, I hope to crank out more of my S&P story for Scott's anthology.  I verified with him that I am not holding up progress, so the pressure isn't too great.  But I would still like to finish it soon.  So, I may work on that over the next couple of days.

On the homework front, I am behind on a couple of discussions. I can post on those still, but I will have points deducted for lateness.  Still, I managed A's on both of my Academic Book Reviews, and I think my research paper turned out fairly well.  So I should be ok on that front.

On the subject of the research paper, and on writing, I figure that the paper will serve as the basis of the synopsis for my Agesilaus book.  All I have to do is take out the academic references, add in a couple of subplots (that can't be historically verified, but make for good story), and then flesh the whole thing out with some more detail. 

In other news, Faith is home for the holidays.  She'll be going home around the 5th or so.  It's kind of a short visit, but that's ok.  One more semester, and then she is home for good.  Having a lot of fun with her and Isaac.  A lot of banter and goofing around.  It's nice to see the boy opening up and being himself.

Been playing a lot of Skyrim over the last few days.  That game is addicting!  Speaking of xbox, I got HALO 4 for Christmas, so I will be trying that out soon.  The series is so story-driven that I don't want to attempt to play it when the little ones are awake.  They make listening to anything a challenge.

Hope your holiday season is going well!

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Charles Gramlich said...

I'll have to read one of those Fight Card books. I do enjoy some good boxing fiction.