Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lazy Days of Winter

This weather has really been tramping down on me lately.  I have time to write, but zero motivation most days.  It's like when you're sick and nothing tastes good; no matter what I try to write, nothing sparks me.  I guess I should just knuckle down and write, and to hell with quality!  Just get words out on paper, so to speak.

I'm also feeling my age a bit lately.  I'm kind of tired from staying up late.  But honestly, between the 4 year old and the 10 year old, I can't do hardly anything fun during daylight hours that I want to.  So, I have to wait for them to go to bed.  And then I get maybe 2 hours before I'm ready to fling myself into bed too.

I really need to get myself back on track with exercise again.  I have let that slip a lot, and I'm feeling it.  I have been trying to cope by doing a lot of isokinetics and dynamic tension at my desk.  But, it's not quite the same.  What I really want is a punching bag to pummel.  That's some thereaputic exercise, right there!  Either way, the tempurature is supposed to be in the 50's today, so I will probably get a walk in, before they drop back down to the teens before the end of the week.

I am happy to not be in school for another week.  Checked my grades and got a 97.2% in my last class, including a 100% on my final (which I thought would score a bit less)!  So, I'm way stoked about that.  I hope I can keep that kind of academic momentum going for a while.

On a good note, I'm really getting into The Action Elite.  Working with Eoin (the site-owner) on some ideas for new content and new categories of content.  Fun times!  I'll be doing some articles on literary action heroes soon.  I'll probably start by recycling a one post on the subject from this blog.  But then I plan to discuss some action novels that have been made into movies.  Should be fun!

Related to that, I'm hoping to see some movies soon.  It may be too late to see The Last Stand in the theater, as it is tanking pretty bad.  But Bullet to the Head starts this Friday, and Parker opened kinda strong this past weekend, so it may stick around a bit.

We had to back out of the D&D game on Friday.  My wife had a debilitating headache, and there was no way I was going to let her stay home alone.  So, we're hoping to do a make-up this Sunday afternoon.  I hope we can, as we are at a huge clifhanger in the storyline, with a very important battle looming (my favorite part of the game).  Ahnuld demands blood for the god of war!

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Charles Gramlich said...

After I finished some writing last night I realized I had several chores I'd let slide that had to be completed before I crawled into bed. Writing is so much having a second job. It gets so hard sometimes to keep it up.