Thursday, January 24, 2013

New ventures and stuff

Note:  Yesterday's blog post was deleted shortly after publication due to some bad context on my part.  Basically, the message was partially misconstrued, and I felt like a dumbass for it.  So, I figured it was better to just make it all go away.  No worries, it wasn't really an Earth-shattering post anyways.

Moving on, I have officially started writing for The Action Elite.  Today sees my first piece, a review of Hunter Prey.  I love this site.  It's rife with reviews, commentary and news about all things action.  The focus is mainly on movies, but they do dip a bit into video games, cartoons and other stuff.  Basically, if it's Action, it's there.  I'm currently forming some ideas for future content.

I'm enjoying my time off from school this week.  During my evenings I can play XBox (Skyrim and HALO 4) without the niggling worry about homework that is due.  Yesterday, I went through my Academic Plan and figured out what classes I am going to take.  Three of them are electives, and I confirmed that those can be from any program area (the wording in my Plan was iffy on this point).  So, I have picked three History classes, and three Education classes.  Now I have to choose where to focus my energy.  Not sure if it will be worth it to take the Education classes without being in the Education program.  I might be better suited just taking the History ones, and maybe working for a Teaching Cert after I get the Master's degree, if I decide to take that path.

Decisions, decisions.

Work is slow (big surprise), so I have had some time to write.  Made some progress on my Sword & Planet story the other day, and will likely try to push it out before school starts on February 4th.  I'm already near the halfway point, so I think I can do this.

Interestingly enough, this story had several false-starts, and I was just not feeling it.  Then, on a whim I changed my perspective character, and started writing it in first person, and suddenly it started to flow!  I used to hate first person, but in recent months I have been finding it easier to write in than the regular third person I usually use.

I'm also reading for pleasure again.  Right now it's Joe Bonadonna's Space Opera Pulp adventure, Three Against the Stars.  Thoroughly enojoying it.  Next up will be Cyborg by Martin Caidin, the book that was the basis for the TV show The Six-Million Dollar Man.  Found a copy through my local library system.


Keith said...

Glad to hear you found an inexpensive copy of Cyborg. I dug my copy out and realized a friend had given it to me in grad school, which is why I never found time to read it.

Good luck with school this semester.

Charles Gramlich said...

hum, I am now intrigued about yesterday's post and the context issues.

Tom Doolan said...

Let's just say I inadvertantly insulted my wife. o.o