Friday, February 8, 2013

Days Off

This is not actually my character, Chak.
However, Chak looks very much like this.
Due to unexpected problems with our daycare provider, we have been having to juggle time so Connor is taken care of during the day.  It hasn't been TOO difficult, as my wife can set her own hours.  But, even that reaches a breaking point.  And that point came this week.  So, in order to allow my wife to work some long hours (and make some choice scratch), I took Wednesday and Thursday off.  No worries, I have the time.

Well, my plan was to clean the house up, and do some laundry.  But the siren's call of Skyrim grabbed me, and I could not pull myself away.  So, basically, I spent the last two days trading time on the XBox with Connor (who is a Minecraft addict).  When he wasn't playing, I was.

My character is an Orc named Chak.  Right now he is level 38, and besides being the Dragonborn, he's also a Thane in two separate realms, a husband (to a fine-ass Orc female with a husky voice), a home builder, and, as of yesterday, the leader of the local assassins guild.  He's taken down the leadership of the Stormcloak rebellion, and then turned around and assassinated the Emperor.  He's been quite a busy chap.  And the level cap is 81.  What the heck is he gonna do for another 43 levels???

I have to say, this is probably my all-time favorite video game so far (it's right up there with HALO 3 and HALO 4).  It should be noted that I don't play a lot of video games, and am not including MMOs in that.  I see those as more "social" games than just video games.  That being said, I am kind of excited for Elder Scrolls Online.  Basically it's a Skyrim MMO.

I have kind of been hankering for a fantasy MMO again lately.  But, none of the ones that are out appeal to me anymore.  I mean, I was really into WoW for a long time.  But, after so many changes and additions, and the fact that my account was hacked, it has lost its appeal.  Star Wars - The Old Republic had me for a while, and it is a fun game.  But, I recently cancelled my paid subscription, since I just wasn't playing it.  I could go for Guild Wars 2.  But, I dunno.  Something about it doesn't really grab me.

Eh, it's not like I have time to invest in another MMO right now.  I mean, Skyrim can be a time-suck.  But the last couple of days were an anomaly.  I'm usually lucky to get a couple of hours every few days on the XBox.  Right now, at any given time, there are 3-5 people competing for it.  And I am usually content to just let others have it.

So, there you go.  My days off were spent in Skyrim, that harsh realm of wild beasts, undead horrors, dangerous assassins, brutal weather, and the occasional random dragon attack.  I fought, I slayed, and I am content.

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Charles Gramlich said...

I took a break from SKyrim, but it's definitely way up there in the games I enjoy.I'm thinkign of starting over as a different character.