Monday, February 11, 2013

Bullet to the Head

We got to see this on Saturday.  In short, I loved this film. It was a gritty, old-school actioner, with a lot of cool lines, good fights, and neat twists and turns. Stallone was brilliant (as always), and I thought the entire cast was excellent. Jason Mamoa came close to stealing the show, and I liked seeing him on screen as much as I liked seeing Sly.

Now, when I say that the “entire” cast was great, I have to include Taylor Kwon (Sung Kang). Other reviews have pointed to him being the weakest character. That he was whiny an annoying. And I agree he was annoying at times. But I think that was the point. In my opinion Kwon was a great foil to Jimmy Bobo. They are complete opposites in almost every way. Bobo is like that grizzled dog in the yard, and Kwon is like that yippy little pup who wants to look good for the older dog.

Kwon is a product of his generation. He is young, a bit naive, very tech-savvy (even to the point of being tech-dependant), and cocky without having the experience or ability to really back it up. But, he is a good cop, determined, focused and willing to buck the system when it is important enough for him to do so. In short, I thought he was a great character.

In fact, his only flaw was that we weren’t shown enough of his back-story. I would have been much happier had we been able to see more of his past. And maybe something there would have given him an impetus to decide to buck the system this once, and work with a known hit man with a long record. In my opinion, that is really the only spot where this film fell short. And I’m not sure why it was left out. With a running time of just over 90 minutes, they had plenty of room to add it in.

Despite this minor shortcoming, it did little to detract from the film. I actually found myself more annoyed with the amount of rounds being shot into guys. I know it’s been a standard of action movies to pump goons full of lead, but whatever happened the cool professional who uses the double-tap? Still, that’s just a personal quirk, and I doubt most people would even notice it.


A said...
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A said...

Stallone at his Stallone-est. It's fun.

Charles Gramlich said...

I'll definitely see this when it comes on pay-per-view. I just don't get out to theaters anymore, but I am looking forward to it.

Gaurav joshi said...

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