Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yep, still here

This one is still my favorite Punisher movie.
It's been over a week since I rambled on here, so I thought I should pop in.  Because I just know all of my devoted fans out there are hanging on every word I say, right?

Life is simply moving forward here.  Some days it feels stagnant, and others it feels like I need off this crazy train.  But usually, it's somewhere in the middle.  I just started my new term, and I had forgotten that I don't care for this instructor.  I had him for an Historiography class, and he gave me a C (but that's not why I don't care for him, let me make that clear).  I actually got an academic warning for that one.  Fortunately, haven't gotten any more since.  All A's and B's for me.  Anyways, this instructor comes across as rather conceited and self-important.  In his syllabus he states that it is vitally important for us to know his background, and provides a link to what is basically his CV.  I'm not really sure how it is relevant to a survey class in World History.  And I just found out today that he is currently teaching 24 online courses at once.  Either he has no life, or he is a glutton for punishment, IMO.  Anyways, I think I can do ok in the class, as long as I keep up with his odd scheduling habits.

Work is work.  And in the interest of not causing my readers to fall asleep, I will say no more about that.

Writing is still hit or miss.  With all of the personal stuff that is going on lately, writing has taken a backseat.  Plus, I'm just lazy.  I wish I could blame something or someone else, but the fact is I am just an unmotivated individual.  I'm not clear on why that is, but I'm sure a good psychologist could pick apart my past and my personality and tell me exactly what causes me to be a mental layabout.

I have noticed that most evenings, I just want to veg in front of the XBox, or watch a movie.  Unfortunately, even these experiences are often trumped by the fact that we have one good TV, and 4-5 people at any given time vying for its use.  Add to that the fact that most of the movies I want to watch are not age-appropriate for my son and younger daughter, so they have to wait until after the two of them go to bed.  Last night I watched the Extended Cut of Thomas Jane's The Punisher (which I reviewed today at The Action Elite), but it wasn't done until nearly midnight.  And with the alarm set for 5:30 am, you can imagine how I feel today.

Honestly, that's probably half my problem.  Life is kind of on hold in the evenings until after the kids go to bed.  So, in order to do anything for myself, I have to stay up late.  The lack of sleep tends to catch up with me some days.  Another big part is my fitness.  This cold weather always makes me lethargic.  I'm fairly certain I'm part bear, and need to hibernate.  I'm looking for ways around that, but honestly, until it warms up a bit, my options are limited.

But, despite all of the Resistance I encounter, I have managed to get bits and pieces of writing done; a few hundred words on this story, a few hundred on that one.  I figure in a couple of months I'll have a handful of completed works.  Today it's my Orc Vigilante story.  This is mainly due to my recent obsession with The Punisher, and the fact that I am currently reading a pretty good Mack Bolan novel.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring...


The Happy Whisk said...

Well, whatever tomorrow brings you, here's hoping it's better.

Why not go to bed early and just wake at 4:30AM. Have the quiet house to yourself?

Just a thought. Cheers!

Keith said...

He requires you to be familiar with his CV? That is conceited. And I would think the university would have limits on how many online courses he could teach.

I understand about staying up late to get anything done and the sleep deprivation catching up to you. That's pretty much the model I'm operating on right now.

Charles Gramlich said...

When Josh was little I very seldom got to write before he went to bed so I know what you're talking about with life on hold.