Monday, April 29, 2013


First off, an update on this whole PayPal thing.  Turns out, like any other business, you merely need to threaten to take your business elsewhere to get attention.  After sending them a couple of emails about the issue I was having, including the afore-mentioned threat, I got a call from them yesterday.  Now, I didn't answer, since the call came from Nebraska, and I know absolutely no one who lives there.  But, they followed up with a personal email explaining the situation.  Basically, you can't have more than one PayPal account linked to a bank account.  And since my wife has already linked hers to our bank for D20 Girls, my account couldn't be connected.  Long story short, the money will get transferred somehow.  But I am still done using PayPal for this kind of stuff.

Anyways, it's Monday, coffee is still being imbibed, and work has a few tasks that need to be cleaned up.  Oh, and I forgot my effing flash drive at home again!  So, no working on current projects.  But, that won't stop me.  I have some ideas that I might start exploring.  Plus, I have an essay due on Sunday.  But those are fairly easy at this point.  I just need to discuss a topic for less than five pages.  Seems like a lot of latitude, but I have personal standards (I try to write at least four pages, regardless).

Today happens to be Kate Mulgrew's birthday.  For those new to this blog, I count myself among that minority of Trekkies that loves Voyager.  It's a close second behind TOS, in my book.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love all of them (with the exception of Enterprise, as I never watched it).  And I have mentioned it a time or two here.  But for some reason, Voyager really struck a chord with me, more so than TNG or DS9.  I think I just really liked the characters.  And the idea that they were just out there all alone, with no Starfleet to back them up.

So, now my brain is in Star Trek mode.  A friend and I were discussing his misguided dislike for Voyager when he mentioned that he would like to see a show that focuses on the Klingons in a post TNG era, where they are trying to re-establish the Klingon Empire, and get out from under the Federation's influence.  A show about honor and the rebuilding past glory.  I think that would be brilliant!  Good idea, Andre.

Other than that, not much is going on.  My new ebook will be delayed until near the end of this month, as I have to wait for one of the stories to get out from under the KDP Select program.  Which is fine, as it gives me more time to do some revisions, and to figure out a cover image.  I am kind of particular about those.  I don't want any of my books ending up on those blogs and sites that make fun of crappy book covers.

Ah, Monday...

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Charles Gramlich said...

For many years I had strong thoughts of writing some Klingon stories set in primitive times. talk about a Klingon Conan for example.