Saturday, April 27, 2013

SASE is a No-Go

Ok, I am taking down the SASE page above.  Mainly for two reasons.

The first is that PayPal sucks ass.  I cannot transfer the money I have in that account because they keep putting the wrong routing number on my transfer requests.  The number they put in is from my old account, not my new one.  And no matter how many times I change it, it never takes.  Add to that the fact that when you call their service line, you get an automated system that just walks you through the steps like you can't read what's on the website, and doesn't give you an option to talk to a live person.  I'm done with PayPal.

The second reason is that, the one story that is there is going somewhere else very soon.  I have decided that I need to focus on longer works.  Novellas at the very least.  So, I will soon be taking down Pekra and Severance from Amazon, and combining them with Blood from Sand into a single collection entitled With a Silken Fist.  This collection will have a new intro where I discuss the origins of each story.  Additionally, I will revise all three stories to expand them and flesh them out a bit.  Once all three stories are ready, and I figure out a cover (that will be the hardest part), the new volume will go up on Amazon and Smashwords for $2.99.

I'm doing all of this because, while I like the idea of doing it all myself, I simply can't.  There are not enough hours in the day, nor do I have the proper resources at my disposal.  So, for now I will be relying on The Man for my self-publishing.  But, I won't be taking part in the KDP Select program anymore.  That has done me zero good, and it only prevents me from publishing through other venues.

So, in the end SASE was a cool idea, that just can't swim in these waters.  I will probably still use the name on my works (like Charles Gramlich does with his Razored Zen).


Keith West said...

I hate to hear this didn't work out. I was hoping it would. I'm planning on something similar this summer, once I get out from under all the end of semester stuff.

Charles Gramlich said...

well, you've learned quite a lot, though. That's good for something.