Sunday, April 14, 2013

SASE is open!

My experiment in e-publishing is taking its first step.  At the top of this site you will notice a new page.  There is currently a single story available for purchase.  If you are brave enough to risk the money (which is really no risk, as I can fulfill the order, even if the PayPal button doesn't work properly), feel free to buy this story and give me some feedback on the whole experience (including the story itself).

Thanks in advance to all who have advised and encouraged me on this.  Let's hope it works, and that SASE can become a bit bigger, and maybe accommodate a few more authors.

Amazon Kindle Users:
I currently have four other stories available at Amazon (see the link above).  Once the bugs in this system are worked out, I will be removing those from the KDP program, upping the price to match what I charge here, and offering them through SASE, the same as I am doing for this new story.  So, if you want copies of my other stories for your Kindle device at the lower Amazon price of $.99, now is the time to buy!


Keith said...

I had no trouble with the Paypal link. Congratulations and good luck, Tom!

Charles Gramlich said...

It seems to have worked.