Monday, April 15, 2013

Writing Fantasy Heroes - Review

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 Writing Fantasy Heroes: Powerful Advice from the Pros [Paperback]
Ed. Jason M. Waltz
Rogue Blades Entertainment
216 Pages total

I have probably read my bodyweight in advice books on writing. The usual fare is all about how to navigate the publishing world, how to write for editors and agents, and how to get and develop ideas that will sell. And while this is all good advice, sometimes a writer needs advice on the less tangible ideas; like how to create engaging characters that will fit your chosen genre. And that’s where this book comes in.

First, the physical. This isn’t some doorstopper tome, stuffed with every piece of advice on writing known to man. This volume is a slick and slim work, sliding in at 216 pages. With a beautiful cover illustration, off-white pages that don’t hurt the eyes, and interior text that is highly legible and clean, Writing Fantasy Heroes is a wonderful achievement in publishing aesthetics.

As to the meat of this fine cuisine, let me say there is probably a choice morsel for every writer of every sub-genre of Fantasy, regardless of where they are in their career. Whether you are going for world-shaping epics, ala Tolkien, or smashmouth Sword & Sorcery adventure, ala Howard, there will be something in here for you. And if you are like me, there’s probably a LOT of somethings.

All in all, I am very happy with this purchase. And I will be marking pages and probably highlighting text for a long time to come. If I were to teach a class on writing Fantasy, this would be a required textbook.

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