Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Am I a worthy cause?

I'm not one for begging, and I loathe those to whom it comes easily. That being said, when things get dire, sometimes we need a little help.

As you should know, we are moving this week into a new apartment. This is mainly because, during our efforts to buy a house, we got screwed over by a laxidasical loan officer, who didn't lock our interest rate when he should have, and when it subsequently jumped a whole point within a week, we suddenly didn't qualify for the loan. We lost a few hundred dollars and our current apartment (it was rented out from under us shortly after giving our 60-day notice).

So, now we have to move. And with all of that, things are constrictingly tight right now. To that end, I have put up a "Donate" button on the right. But, this isn't just a plea for money, or even just a "tip jar" (though you are certainly welcome to use it as such). What I am proposing is a sale of sorts.

If you click on either of the pages above, you will be taken to my respective eBook storefronts at Amazon and Smashwords. Now, if you like, you can certainly purchase any of my stories there. However, if you see one (or more) that you are thinking you would like to try, please consider buying direct through me.

If you click the donate button, and donate at least $1.00, I will email any one of the stories you see in those stores directly to you (or your Kindle account), in whatever format you would like. Also, for every extra $1 you donate, I will send you an additonal story of your choice.

When you click the Donate button, it should take you to the PayPal site, where you can designate how much you would like. In the message box, simply type in the title(s) you would like, the preffered format (PDF, epub, .mobi), and your email address.

In this way, you get something in return, paltry as it may be. And my conscience remains (relatively) clear.

If you encounter any problems with the donate button, you can let me know here, or email me directly.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Whether you wish to donate or not, I appreciate you being here.

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