Monday, August 5, 2013


Well, the move is done. We are officially out of the old and into the new. This apartment has a bigger floor plan, a better layout, and generally just feels more comfortable. The only downside is that, unlike the previous place, this one doesn't have a large storage room for us to use. Subsequently, our living room is jammed full of boxes and bins that we have been able to forget about for a couple of years now. However, we are turning that into a positive, and plan to purge our collection of old, useless junk over the next couple of weeks.

As part of that, I have set aside my three main "Geek Boxes" for review. Inside two plastic bins and one printer paper box are several items of Geek Lore. There is a large amount of D&D books from 1st and 2nd edition, as well as books and supplements for a host of other RPG's, much of which will probably end up on EBay. There is a large stack of Savage Sword of Conan issues (which will not be purged). There are numerous old computer games that will be reviewed for possible uploading (I already have a request by Isaac to upload WarCraft III when the computer is up and running). And really, Lord knows what else is in there. This should be fun!

In other, more exciting news, I received an email from Keith West this morning. Keith has had a blog up for a long time where he reviews fiction of all sorts, and he has reviewed many of my short stories there. Recently, he started reviewing for Amazing Stories (totally awesome gig, IMHO), and this morning he let me know that he had reviewed my recent collection, With a Silken Fist, over there. Some very kind words, and high praise. Once more I am indebted to him. But, more than that, it's cool to know that my efforts were successful. I'm always trying to make my writing better, so it was nice to hear that not only were my stories entertaining, but the embellishments and additions I had added to two of the stories improved their quality.

So, I am back to work getting caught up after taking three days off last week. In between that I am getting caught up on my blogs and blog-reading, some Facebooking on my iPhone, and generally other life stuff. I was fortunate not to have any homework last week in my class, but I know I will this week. And finally, I will be trying to get some writing done as I can.

And finally, on Saturday, my daughter turned 18! Very proud of her. She has grown into a pretty responsible young woman, and with just a little more guidance, she is going to be off to a great start. And we have a party planned for this coming weekend, including a bounce house. Cuz, that's how my family rolls.

All in all a very busy and productive weekend. But man, am I tired!


Keith West said...

I'm glad the move was accomplished successfully. Thanks for the shout-out. And congratulations to your daughter (and you) on reaching her 18th.

The Happy Whisk said...

Good energy post, Tom. Happy Birthday to your daughter. And good luck with all those boxes and bins.

Charles Gramlich said...

Lot of good stuff happening. congrats on getting the move finished and the good review. Happy bday to your daughter.