Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Feeling a bit better

First of all, let me apologize for my despondent tone yesterday. I was merely venting a frustration, and as it turns out, an unfounded one. At least on the part about my grade. After speaking briefly with my professor about how much that .2% bothered me, he informed me that the grade book is only a reflection of the official tally, and that he has the option to round up if he wants. Which he will be doing for me. So, I got an A- after all! Oddly, I am very relieved about this, and I don't really know why. But, I'll take it happily and move on to the Byzantine Empire in a week and a half.

Today I find, as I often do, that I have some free time on my hands while awaiting responses to various inquiries. And I want to use it to write. But, unfortunately, as often happens, nothing is grabbing my interest. Not any of my game projects, fiction projects, or even new ideas. Ah well. Something will spark eventually, I think.

I'm taking some time to read for pleasure lately. I have not been doing this at all for the last few months, despite the absolute plethora of available material at my fingertips. I start to read and I either get distracted, or get restless. So, I picked up something lite and easy. Right now I am reading Kothar of the Magic Sword by Gardner F. Fox. It's one of those slender (156 pages) "Clonan" books that were popular in the 70's. I have to say, it's not high literature by any stretch, but it's fun.

Kothar is very much a Conan knock-off, but that knowledge makes the book and character more enjoyable, I think. I don't have to figure him out. I just accept him for who he is, and enjoy the action and intrigue. The other thing about reading this book is that it is making me think about a WIP I have about my own "Clonan" of sorts. Unfortunately, that story is on my flash drive at home (remember, my work now actively bans their use here), so I will have to wait until I get home to put it on MyDrive.

But, I think tomorrow could be a good fiction-writing day.


Keith West said...

No apology necessary. We all need to vent sometimes. And I'm glad you're getting the grade you've earned.

I forgot, why does your work ban flash drives?

Tom Doolan said...

Security. We deal with sensitive information (social security numbers, private details of CPS cases, etc.), so they feel that the possibility for someone to take that information out of the building in a portable device is too risky.

I understand it in theory, but I have to wonder, who would want to?

Charles Gramlich said...

So Academia isn't so bad after all? :)

I quite enjoyed the Kothar books

Tom Doolan said...

No, I suppose not. But, as you are aware, it's not without it's warts. :)

Jhon Lockar said...
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